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December 31st 2011
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so nothing much happened in Pension California. i ended up sitting around, reading, and going to bed early. the next morning i stopped in a bakery on the way out and bought some AMAZING foccacia bread! the name of the bakery is french, and its rigt around the corner from pension, towards the malecon. so then i headed out of la paz towards cabos. the drive was actually pretty cool! after hitting the mountains the foliage changes and becomes much morelush. the coastal views are beautiful, but the resorts line the whole coast...not my scene. after oicking sophie up we swung around the tip and found an amazing place right across from playa cerritos. the complex was called Surf Camp, and is owned by an ex-pat gringo named Jaime. the people staying/living there were all super elajados and friendly. a lot of them have been living there for over a month. i can see why, its easy to fall in love with the place! we ended up taking lessons and surfing the next day...followed by lunch and beer on the beach with bob marley. we tried going out again but the tide was way to low for us..we waited to long. the night concluded with more beer and a run to the local taco stand followed by some wonderful conversation (what is the word for douchebag in spanish?..well, douche is french so that would be the same....douchebolsa!) we hit the sack early. we left the next day (not before i left my swimsuit and leggings sitting there..oy vey. gonna hafta figure that one out) and drove up through odos santos. we checked out a pretty lagoon, and i wish i couldve taken the time to sit and birdwatch some. todos was a little boring, so we returned to la paz for lunch (vivi sushi). finally, we met up with mom, joellen, and richard at our super fancy house just north east of town. now i sit here after a hottub dip, dinner, etc and i can look out over la paz and the bay! what a life!


ps if i ever come back to baja, i am going to spend a month at surf camp to hit those waves!


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