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March 17th 2012
Published: March 17th 2012
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Sunday 10thMarch….Last night we sat and had our tea at the Airlee beach front using the communal barbies and we had our first taste of skippy- like chewy steak with a very meaty aroma. A lazy Sunday starting with a campervan breakie courtesy of our residence breakfast chef Monsiouer Robair Cookson de Paris. Then onto Cedar Creek for an outdoor swim in a freshwater creek and waterfall- beautiful and relaxing spot and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Although the warning signs stated diving from the cliffs can be fatal, there were plenty of young Aussie lads up for the adrenalin thrill of a possible fatal dive. The signs didn’t live up to their billing and no Aussies were harmed in these local Sunday games.

Left behind Airlee beach and (temporarily) Sheila (the campervan – Cilla would be jealous!) and jumped on the ferry to the rather glamorous Hamilton Island, part of the whitesunday Islands. Trip Advisor slags it off, saying its really commercial..blah, blah, blah! Don’t believe a word of it – it’s fantastic, like a little toy town having just one of everything; 1 pub, 1 chippy, 1 barbers (you get the idea). The ferry crossing was lively – very choppy waters and me and rich sat on the side which meant; lovely views; soaking up the rays and all of a sudden getting bloody soaked!! We were bloody drenched – much to the delight of the other passengers.

We stopped in a fantastic bungalow and I spent the first hour on the island swinging in the hammock. We met up with John and Neil (the Liverpool kind) and Magriet (the sydney kind - who is wonderful with fab dresses!) Soaked up the sun at the pool and had a great barbeque overlooking the Whitesunday Islands. Also had sex on the beach (I mean the cocktail; god you have a dirty mind!) Really enjoyed the Island and didn’t want to leave, so didn’t – we stopped an extra night (thanks to John, Neil and Magriet putting us up – thanks guys).

Went to the wildlife centre and it didn’t disappoint – all of Australia’s finest on show; Kangeroos, Wombats, Dingoos, Wallabies (for once not dead by the roadside), Cassowary and a huge Croc. Highlight was seeing a Koala Bear, sooooooo cute!!! Freddie the cockatoo was great fun – shaking hands with you, saying hello etc (apparently his German owner did teach him swear words – unfortunately we didn’t hear any expletives coming from Freddies dulcet tones). Did book on a tour for snorkelling but it was cancelled – bugger!! My brief Sea kayaking with Richard was fun – although I don’t think we will be challenging the British rowing team any time soon. Closed the night with a chippy tea and wine at the stunning look out point. Back on our travels tomorrow, away from the glamour of Hamilton Island.

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17th March 2012
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soo cute!
how cute is he! Sounds like you're having a fab time. Are John and neil behaving themselves?? Enjoy your last days in Oz!

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