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May 2nd 2009
Published: May 5th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

These are actual comments and messages I received from people who read and followed my blogs - they are so lovely and I want to remember them forever.


Comment #1
08:01:38 January 26th 2009
karen bradley From: "Ad Eorum Memoriam Quos Valde Amo" - In memory of those I love REVIEWED » respond · delete

What an amazing end to your journey and an amazing blog. Thank you for your honesty and openness that butterfly will stay with you a beautiful creature shadowing you a beautiful woman I have been lucky enough to meet on my travels, love you Jo, kxxx

Comment #2
09:01:45 January 25th 2009
karenbrad From: Papillon - The Ultimate Journey REVIEWED » respond · delete

So glad to have shared this journey with you hun, it was special. Keep up the photography you're great at it! K xx

Comment #3
16:01:45 January 5th 2009
Cocklet From: Reunions REVIEWED » respond · delete
Once again, you excel yourself... brill photography, narration & feelings - feel like im on your trip with you - really look forward to reading all your blogs & cant wait till the next one. miss u loads. xx

Comment #4
18:01:08 January 3rd 2009
Sue Bradley From: Land of Dreams REVIEWED » respond · delete
Getting to know you
I have just spent a very enjoyable time reading your wonderful blog. I am sure you are wondering who is this making a comment! I am Karen's Mum who is one of your friends and travelling companions. I hope you have just had a wonderfuly trip from Adelaide to Perth and are now having a rest in your home you have rented for the week I must just say I was completely capivated by your blogs and felt I was with you in spirit. It was heart felt, inspiring and very emotional You have just done what most people would only dream about and you should be very proud of what you have achieved and will come home with a bigger heart. Love, Sue Bradley

Comment #5
18:11:45 November 17th 2008
Priyanjan From: My Empty Coconut Shell REVIEWED » respond · delete
Photograph of Local Monks
Hi, I am glad you had a great time in Sri Lanka. If its not too much I wish to very kindly request you to change the caption in the photograph titled 'Local Monks' as the comment defineatly sounds very antoganizing to me. I am it wil be the same for other Sri Lankans too. Thank you for all the good things that you have said about my country. Thanks, With Best Reagards from Sri Lanka, Priyanjan.

Comment #6
20:11:29 November 9th 2008
Bev From: Bukit Bintang / Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin REVIEWED » respond · delete
Your Blog
Another great blog Jo, you certainly seem to be having a great time and making the most of every day - you'll have these great memories for life. I do think that you've missed your vocation in life - "journalist" in the making ???? Take care, keep safe and keep writing x x

Comment #7
20:11:32 November 2nd 2008
Debbie From: Bandar Impian - City of Dreams...... REVIEWED » respond · delete
pd club
Oh my god the memories came flooding back seeing the photos of the pd club, we spent such a lot of time there!!!! And seeing Willi Chang, who we all had tennis lessons with all those years ago! Glad you are having such a great time over there, time sure is flying, you will be over here in new zealand before you know it. Cant wait to see you, take care. Lots of love Debs xxxxx

Comment #8
10:11:51 November 2nd 2008
Tracey From: Bandar Impian - City of Dreams...... REVIEWED » respond · delete
Once again, you amaze me
All your blogs are truly fab. youve missed your vocation in life - better get started u lots & missing u 2 xx

Comment #9
07:11:12 November 2nd 2008
kaswira From: Bandar Impian - City of Dreams...... REVIEWED » respond · delete
must be those childhood years
your pics captures the essence of malaysia

Comment #10
10:10:12 October 28th 2008
Karen From: My Empty Coconut Shell REVIEWED » respond · delete
Go girl!!
Hi, my friend, I miss you heaps but can't wait to see you in oz. Blog entry amazing and open and true just like the writer love Karen xxx

Comment #11
17:10:01 October 24th 2008
dave From: Hand of Hope REVIEWED » respond · delete
your a star
good on you x

January 26th 2009 The final journey "Debbie Brailey"
Hi Jo. I can't believe I have just read your final blog, the tears are running down my face, you have been on such a journey, both physically and emotionally, a rollercoaster ride which is slowly coming to rest. I am so very proud of you and of all that you have achieved over these last months, you are a very brave woman. The love that you and Brian had obviously shared and still share will stay with you for the rest of your days, you will move on to pastures new and make new friends, and like you say, even a new life for yourself, but you will never forget the past and neither should you. Time is a great healer and the sadness of losing Brian will become easier but never forgotten and will always have a place in your heart. That darling butterfly that has followed you worldwide is still watching over you and will be with you for eternity. I hope that when you return to the UK, you will find happiness and solace in all that you do, my dear friend I can't wait to meet you. Debbie
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January 3rd 2009 Debbie Brailey calling "Debbie Brailey"
Hi Jo, so nice to hear from you. I am sorry I didn't reply to your last blog, life here has been a bit manic. My mum has not been too well and with Christmas and New Year as well, time seems to have flown by. I do hope you had a great time in Borneo in the jungle, and in Oz with your son, weren't you there for Christmas. Now New Zealand, what a fabulous country and one place on earth I would dearly love to visit. You are so lucky you have been there twice in less than 2 years. Your words of writing make me feel so proud do have met you Jo and when you return to the UK, I will be the first to get on a train and meet you face to face. Your experiences are amazing and truly times, like you say, that will last for you forever. My dad always used to say that travelling is the best education any person can have, those life experiences stay with you forever. Your tale of the storm on landing reminded me so much of my honeymoon when we too encountered a horrific storm whilst trying to land in Bangkok, I remember my face too being pushed against the window not really believing what I was seeing and the plane going round and round in circles for what seemed like hours. Also the horrible turbulance when the plane would drop for what seemed like forever, but was probably only a few feet really. Those memories do stay with you. I love the Haka Hunk!! and love reading your stories.

On Christmas Day in our house it is always a tradition for everyone sitting at the Dinner Table to raise a glass to someone in particular. My glass was raised this year to all those 'friends' I have met on the internet and to you Jo I drunk a huge glass of wine and wished you safe travel until your return.

Where are you going next and when do you actually return to the UK? Keep safe Jo and speak again soon. Debbie
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January 3rd 2009 HAPPY NEW YEAR "donna"
Hi hun, i did text you happy new year but i dont think it got to you cos i didnt get a delivered report. im confused. i thought you were spending new year in Oz. As you prob know Daz is back here til March i think. He said you met up in melbourne and you are very well. so have yoy done Oz and how long are you in NZ? And where are you off to next? If you get a mo email me at opwrk cos im not on this often and tell me what you are up to! i love your travel blogs, they are great, you are never going to forget this trip and i bet money on it you will be off somewwhere else not long after you get back. you will have ther travel bug now. well enjoy rest of your trip, back mid Feb? take care, lotsa love ME xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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December 17th 2008 Just keeping in touch. "Val Cardno"
Hi Jo. I would like to thank you for the lovely Travel Blogs that I have been receiving from you. I have read them all time and time again and it appears that you are enjoying your stay out in Malaysia. It must seem like a completly different world to you, out there.
The things you have done and seen look absolutely fascinating. and the last Blog
with the Chimps & Orang-outangs looked great. They all look like perfect angels but I
bet you know all about there mood swings and hard work thats involved. You have certainly seen some way out will have some terrific memories to look back on, won't you? Have you arrived in Borneo yet...and is your friend still with you. It must be a real treat seeing her again after 34 certainly had some catching up to do.

We are just about ready for Christmas now....well I am...him indoors just sits back and enjoys the festive do most men I think. Do you celebrate Christmas out there Jo....It will be a good experience for you to see how people in hot counties celebrate. Maybe you will have all that beautiful fruit you were talking about in one of the messages you sent. Don would love all that....he does eat a lot of fruit, but nothing quite so exotic. We are getting a little more adventurous in our Supermarkets...the last fruit we tried was a Starfruit...and we have tried some Chines Gooseberries and another fruit......I can't for my life remember what they were called and I have just been in the lounge to see if Don can remember....but no (the old grey matter isn't what it used to be).. Never mind, I shall see them again and let you know. We are seeing our Son Geoff. and his family on Christmas day....we are going to the Marriots Hotel in Newport Pagnell, then back to his place for the rest of the Day. Boxing day we are visiting our daughter and her partner in Furzton you see Jo...I have worked that out OK this cooking yipppeee. That sound awful because I don't mind at all, but it will be rather nice to have it all done this year. What is your daughter doing Jo. and is she still seeing her boyfriend? hope that she is not missing you too much, that's s stupid thing to say, I expect she is missing you terribly...but is pleased that you are happy and doing all you wanted to do.
Well I shall close now Jo as I have another couple of messages to send...Do have a lovely Christmas and we wish you a Very Happy New Year.....Keep the Blogs coming please..........Love Val x
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December 11th 2008 Hello U! "Heidi"
Just checked e-mails and there was a message about your blog... its the first one I've had so have caught up on everything that has happened so far...

Love the pics, hope u are having an amazing time, can't wait to see u when u get back and hear all about it, we need to have a reunion!
Anyway, have been thinking of you lots regardless of the lack of communication, take care chat soon hopefully?
Lots of love H xxx
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December 11th 2008 karenbrad Reply
Hi Jo as ever fantastic blog I love seeing what you're up to..and young lady I think there is less of you to see??looking well, I can't wait to see you soon love karen xx
Re: Cinta Monyet ("Monkey Love") SENT spam · send on · delete · Reply

November 22nd 2008 hello "donna evans"
mate. you look so young in that pic. must be really good for you out there. i love reading your blogs but i only get to read my emails prob once a week if that so forgive me for not being in touch as much. has your friend joined you yet? it all looks so amazing and apart from what you tell us its hard to imagine life outsie of what we do. It makes you realise life is to short and we should try and realise our dreams but where dya start eh? you are a brave and amazing girly. tell Brian we say hello. love to you both xxx
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November 17th 2008 Zoo Negara "Debbie Brailey"
Hi Jo, wow what a fascinating time you have had in the Zoo. All those different personalities. It sounds very hard work sweeping up all those leaves, preparing all those meals etc., etc. Like you say though, the satisfaction and great interest you must gain from watching these animals can't be imagined. So glad that Brian is still travelling with you and keeping you safe. I think once you get to the jungle, it is going to be awesome watching the orangutans in their own habitat. I wish you a safe trip. I do like the pic of you at the end of your blog, good old mum!!!! Hugs and kisses. Debs x
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November 4th 2008 Debbie calling "Debbie Brailey"
Hi Jo, wow all those gorgeous fruits, I remember rambutan and durian fruit from Bali, absolutely gorgeous but like you say, the smell of the durian is enough to put you off. The pictures are fab and your blog is not boring at all. It has made me go and dig out my wooden fruit set that I bought in Bali and I am trying to remember which fruits are which. Fabulous memories. I do envy you, travelling is such an adventure, you learn something new every day and the memories last a lifetime, it is the best education anyone can have. I have to say Jo, you have the best suntan, I am really envious, here it is wet, foggy, cold and miserable. Your climate, aaaarrrrggggghhhhhh what I would give for a bit of sun. Making a beef casserole today for tea, with good old mash potatoes and brussel sprouts, Michael's favourite, really. Speak to you soon Jo, Debs xxx
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November 3rd 2008 Debbie Calling "Debbie Brailey"
Hi Jo, Port Dickson looks a fabulous place and how about meeting Mr Chang, wow fabulous. Sneaking into the Hilton eh, good on you, aim high in life and you will not be disappointed!!!!!! I hope you have a great time working in the Zoo and spending time in the Jungle with the Orangutans, I look forward to your next blog, keep safe Jo. With much love. Debbie
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November 1st 2008 Memories "Rod Pocock"
I understand you have been to PD, I have just been looking at a photo of you and my son swimming in the pool there taken some 40 odd years ago
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October 30th 2008 Seorang in Kuala Lumper "Debbie Brailey"
Hi Jo, you seem totally at home where you are, almost like you have gone back home. Enjoy your time and your happy thoughts of life that has passed you by and the times you have had. I am so sure that Brian is travelling every step of this journey with you and I do think you are truly blessed to know that he is with you. Your photos are amazing, well done, daily life is not what you usually see but your blogs are so true it is unreal. I enjoy reading every one of them and sharing them with Michael my son, he actually thinks you are a very brave lady travelling all that way on your own, but I keep telling him you are not alone, hard for a 12 year old to understand though. Take care Jo, enjoy the weekend and the undoubted sunshine, it is cold, raining, sleeting here and very windy. Even had to light the old woodburner this week. With much love. Debbie
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October 28th 2008 hello "donna evans"
hun i love these blogs, they are fab, i have just got home from work ,its snowinghere and its freezing cold, the traffic was shite! glad you are in sunnier climes eh??? work is a bit naf at the mo, there has been some big changes and i think we are lucky to have our jobs so soz if i havent been great at staying in touch, its been a bit stressy and i havent had much time to log on. on a lighter note my new nephew was born 6 weeks early last week, his name is Robbie James and he is tiny and beautiful, i saw him last nite. thats what its all about really isnt it. im glad Brian is with you and i dont doubt that for a second. He will always keep you safe. good luck for the next stage of your journey and travel safely. lotsa love donna xxxxxxx
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October 28th 2008 you!! "karen"
Hi babe, just a private one to say your blog brought tears to my eyes, I don't know you that well (even though it feels like i do) and I didn't know Brian but i bet he's smiling down with pride on you giving you strength whenever you need it...he's with you every step of the way i firmly believe that. Keep strong hun you're so loved by those around you including me!! Have an absolute ball in malasia see you in oz!! Ps my plans have changed and will prob be there to cellebrate Bobby"s birthday will explain another time but fairly sure I'll see you then!! Karen xxx
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October 28th 2008 My Empty Coconut Shell "Debbie Brailey"
Hi Jo, I am so proud of you, you have made me cry this morning. To hear your final tale of your time in Sri Lanka has touched so many places in my heart too. You are a remarkable lady and I take my hat off to you. Brian would have been so proud of you and I do believe he was there with you protecting and keeping you safe throughout your whole journey. Life sends us some lovely moments and some bloody awful ones too but thank God we can hold on to all those wonderful memories we have to make our path easier. Please do let me know when you are home safe and sound, I wish you a pleasant trip back. Much love. Debbie
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October 24th 2008 Hand of Hope "Debbie Brailey"
Hi Jo, what a blog you have written. You are right, the west has no idea how these children live their lives and in what poverty they survive. The matron at your first orphanage sounds like a real 'little hitler', and she is supposed to be there to care and pass a little love to these children. I have let Michael, my 12 year old, read all of your blogs just so he knows what is going on in this world and to try and teach him to appreciate what he has got and not take everything for granted, as we all do over here. I feel very humbled by what you have been able to do Jo and I am sure that these children will remember your little ways for many years to come. The photos are amazing, just like you Jo, keep up the good work, with love. Debs xxxx
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October 22nd 2008 Your Blog "Cock!"
Hi. Just a note to say your 'blog' is fantastic - feel like im there with you - wish I could be when u r feeling down. u r always in my thoughts & marc & boys always asking after u. Not long now till sharon arrives & orangutans here u come!! love u lots XOXOXOXOX
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October 22nd 2008 you "dave"
hi you looks like you fell on your feet im so glad cant wait to have that beer and a good long chat xxx
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October 17th 2008 HELLO "DONNA EVANS"
Hi Jo
Loving your emails, it looks beautiful and im glad you are experiencing so many different things in Sri not on fb now, cant be bothered with it so stay in touch with email, its easier for me. this one or my work one is fine. When are you off to Borneo? there has been lots of things about the orangutang program in the national papers lately, maybe we will see you in the mail soon eh?? take care honey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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October 17th 2008 A Breath of Fresh Air "Debbie Brailey"
Hi Jo, what a fabulous time you must have had getting away from City life and heat for a couple of days. The hotel looks fabulous but where was the 'roast dinner', chinese and italian, still like you say, different to curry and fruit. Keep writing Jo, the memories you will have are amazing. With love. Debs xxx
Re: Nuwara Eliya - A Breath of Fresh Air



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