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April 18th 2012
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Bunbury from the Old HarbourBunbury from the Old HarbourBunbury from the Old Harbour

Note the viewing tower on the hill.
BUNBURY: Well, whilst recovering from my jet lag (7 hours difference from UK), we set out to discover more of the city where we were staying , Bunbury.

Overview: Bunbury is located 110 miles south of Perth in WA, and claims to be the third largest centre of population in Western Australia after Perth and Fremantle. Its population is less than 70 thousand people, which is a third of the size of North Tyneside in the UK, and gives you an idea of how under populated WA is. (Western Australia is about 12 times the area of Great Britain but has about 1/20th of the population. It does have a harbour which exports 1.5 million tons of wood chips around the world, but is also geared up for tourism. A couple of small hills exist in the town, on which is located a viewing tower (Mariston Hill Lookout) – see photos. The city seems to be a centre of shopping for surrounding small towns, etc. and is well served with all sorts of shops, garages, etc. You could be anywhere in the world driving down many of the streets, however the older part of the town gives much
Bunbury from the old harbour - 2. Bunbury from the old harbour - 2. Bunbury from the old harbour - 2.

Shopping centre is half a mile further back inland.
better idea of older Australia, see pictures. It is generally very clean with little litter – nice.

In town shopping: Two small malls and one long old shopping street provide most things that you need. Compared to the UK, many things are expensive due to the strong OZ dollar, especially fruit and veg. Will come back home with vitamin C deficiency!

Tourism plays an important part for the city, the highlight being the Dolphin Discovery Centre, Koombana Bay . Here you can go out on a boat and swim with wild dolphins if they are about. We went for a paddle on the beach and watched the centre’s boat come in followed by a couple of dolphins. Sadly the battery in my camera packed in so I wasn’t able to take a photo, but they were there, honestly. There is also surfing and swimming in the normal Australian way on some of the other beaches. Didn’t see any great whites though. Surfing is carried outside the bay, for example on Lighthouse Beach. There is a nice nature park called Big Swamp Reserve which is worth an investigation for wildlife lovers. It includes a bird
Mariston Hill LookoutMariston Hill LookoutMariston Hill Lookout

Viewpoint across Bunbury
hide. (Free). Artistic bit: Traffic islands in Bunbury often have sculptures, etc. on them. Nice touch.

We are due to stay in Bunbury until the 27th, and then on to the Nullarbor. Our stay in Bunbury is actually with Valda’s parents, who live in what is superficially an idyllic retirement community . I will upload my views on this. May be of interest with my retired friends in the Probus club back home.

Stop Press! Two strange shopping experiences: 1) Beer and other alcohol is not sold in supermarkets, but in separate stores owned by supermarkets - to keep it hidden from view. What next, plain labels like cigarettes? 2) Wouldn't happen in the UK - on exiting some large stores, e.g. Big W. the contents of personal bags and handbags are often checked by staff to see if stolen goods are present! And people allow this! Strange.

Additional photos below
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View over Bunbury from Mariston Hill LookoutView over Bunbury from Mariston Hill Lookout
View over Bunbury from Mariston Hill Lookout

The shopping centre is about 1/2 mile inland
Old Bunbury 1Old Bunbury 1
Old Bunbury 1

An old hotel in Bunbury
Bunbury Old Train StationBunbury Old Train Station
Bunbury Old Train Station

Now a tourist information centre. Trains no longer come into the town.
Old Bunbury 2Old Bunbury 2
Old Bunbury 2

Another old hotel.
Traffic Island ArtTraffic Island Art
Traffic Island Art

"Brother and Sister" Victoria St.
Traffic Island ArtTraffic Island Art
Traffic Island Art

The Navigators
Traffic Island ArtTraffic Island Art
Traffic Island Art

Gateway (Victoria St.)
Traffic Island ArtTraffic Island Art
Traffic Island Art

Xanthorrhoea –grass trees. Normal name is a "Black Boy"
Big SwampBig Swamp
Big Swamp

Walkway to the bird hide across the swamp.
Big Swamp BirdBig Swamp Bird
Big Swamp Bird

Purple Swamp Hen?
Big Swamp BirdBig Swamp Bird
Big Swamp Bird

Black Swan, state bird of WA
Koombana BayKoombana Bay
Koombana Bay

Dolphin Discovery Centre Boat - swim with wild dolphins
Koombana BayKoombana Bay
Koombana Bay

Where are those dolphins?
Lighthouse BeachLighthouse Beach
Lighthouse Beach

Surfing is common along this section of coast.
Bunbury lighthouseBunbury lighthouse
Bunbury lighthouse

Bunbury's answer to St. May's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, painted by a Newcastle United supporter? Perhaps we should paint St. Mary's with black and white stripes?

19th April 2012

Excellent Blog
Nice Blog David .... the photos of Perth & Bunbury are making me home sick .... try and get to Busselton (yes you have been there before but worth while another trip to the undersea acquarium and Walpole Inlet and on to Pemberton would be a nice trip. Perhaps my folks would like a last trip to their favourite places ... be safe and have a fab time
19th April 2012

Every thing looks great .I am looking forward to the big DRIVE and Valda sleeping in the Car. This will save you lots of ????? Guess what.
19th April 2012

I remeber the bag search thing well
Very odd how people just accept it, you should say no and see if they make a fuss!
20th April 2012

Enjoy every moment
Looks as if you are having a fab time. Missed you both at Mahjong but won for you in your absence.
21st April 2012

Mahjong at the retirement village.
They had a Mahjong session at the retirement village, but we did not get to know about it until afterward - pity, I am sure the Geordies would have thrashed them. (Wishful thinking!)
5th May 2012

scenery looks lovely. like old bunberry hotel would think the old station was quaint
7th May 2012

Pleased you could find the blog OK.
Hope you are all well. It is harder to write a blog than you might think, trying to have photos that are unusual and represent to trip. Sorry about any spelling errors as well, they easily creep in.
5th May 2012

scenery looks lovely. like old bunberry hotel would think the old station was quaint

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