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October 3rd 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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Well i've really started to get to know some locals, guys that come in quite a bit. One of my fav regulars, Dan, is a kiwi but has been over here and all over the world for a long time. Anyways, he's 38 years old and has just retired. He's got it pretty good! Sadly though, he's left Southern Cross which sucks for me, he was really nice!

Jo and I had a night off together as a local girl works the bar with the skimpy ( a girl in lingerie behind the bar) on Thursday nights. Skimpy's are a big part of history out in this area because of all the goldmines, the miners needed some entertainment back in the day. So, the pubs hire girls called Skimpies who come out to the country pubs dressed just in small lingerie and serve their drinks. Our pub has a skimpy on Thursday and Friday nights. They used to be able to go topless but times have changed and they can't be topless and they can't wear g-strings.

Anyways, Jo and I had the night off together and some of the younger guys were in and we had a great night and I was talking to everybody and getting to know them. This one guy, Lee seemed to really be into me and basically followed me around the pub. I'm in no way attracted to the guy but he didn't want to give up. He asked to take me for dinner the next night and he needed help cutting his hair. Well I had a few drinks in me and for some reason said yes.

He called the pub the next day to see if I was still up for it and as I was a bit tired from the night before and from working the day I said no, I let him down easily! But, sure enough he has been in the pub every single day since then. I've really just backed off and kind of avoid him but he's persistent. He has even been sitting in the pub while I've been in the kitchen helping and called the pub to talk to me and see if i'm ok and tell me how he's not a creepy guy, give it up mate, you are creepy!!!!!

Another regular, Bruce who I absolutely love, gets a kick out of Lee bugging me. They were all in on Saturday night and Bruce knew I had sunday day off so he asked if I wanted to go to Bullfinch with him and Jack and Mark. I'd never been so I said yes. They picked me up the next day and we drove out to Bullfinch which is another town maybe half an hour away. It's huge I tell ya, population of 38. Hahaha

Now imagine this, 3 older fellas (early 50's) and me (28) walking into this small town pub. I've never seen eyes light up like that haha. Within minutes I had one older guy (about 90) come up to me and tell me a dirty limerick hahaha. It's a whole different world out here I tell ya. But I had a great afternoon with all the old boys telling me stories.

I told Bruce that I still haven't seen a kangaroo and he asked Tamara the girl behind the bar to show me Bob. Now she comes out from the back carrying this small pouch like thing and puts it's on the bar and out comes this baby joey named Bob. Oh my god, I fell in

He's the one with the broken leg
love right then and there. He looked at me with his little sleepy eyes and he kinda wobbled on his huge feet and then hopped a bit over to me and I held him up with my finger and his little paws wrapped around my finger. She is taking care of it as it's mother was killed. They are very bony and their tails feel really weird! But they have soft fur. Oh, Bob stole my heart that afternoon. I didn't get any pictures of him as I didn't want to scare him.

So I've given Bruce a mission now, find me a kangaroo! Haha, i'm starting to have lots of fun out here, but I do miss being in a city and having lots of things going on. It's so quiet out here. The thing I really like is at night, the night sky. The stars out here are amazing! You look up and it just blows you away. This town is called Southern Cross because the constellation southern cross is right above it.

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