All good things come to an end

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September 12th 2015
Published: October 5th 2015
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All good things come to an end !!All good things come to an end !!All good things come to an end !!

The foreshore beach at Rockingham
Saturday 12 September 2015

We had been invited to have dinner at Andy and Karens on Saturday evening and when we got there Trevor and Peta were there, who had dropped in on route from some where.

It was only 5.30 and I had a HF radio sked to do and as Andy Bayley is also a radio operator on VKS 737 so I could sit at his desk and do the sked from here, so it was just a case of booting his computer up and putting the head phones on.

Whilst I was doing the sked, the gang were in the living room and by the time my sked had finished Trevor and Peta had left, so It had been a while since we had seen Andy and Karen and settled in for a fun packed evening.

Dinner was served and as usual it was just beautiful Karen had done a great job and we sat around the dinner table and laughed, talked and joked about.

When we retired to the comfy seats, and our dinner was finished the house phone rang and it was Peter and Leigh Walker, who are part
All good things come to an end !!All good things come to an end !!All good things come to an end !!

The Rockingham foreshore, on a blissful Saturday
of the gang and who originally come from Glen Innis in New South Wales, it was Peter and Leigh who we first met on the Caravan site in Mandurah and as they say the rest is History.

Fairly recently (In the last 3 months) Peter and Leigh gave up their jobs and travelled back home to greet the arrival of their second grand child, see their other daughter and catch up with Peters mum and dad who both live in a care facility in Glen Innes.

Peter and Leigh had been staying with us in the house sit in Wandi just before they left and took an amazing route back to New South Wales, via, the great Central road, (Past Giles Weather station) The Olga’s Uluru, Kings Canyon and some of the most spectacular scenery Australia ha to offer.

So they left us on a Friday Afternoon on 4 July 2015 the Blog was called Independence Day for the Kids and we had kept track of them via their In reach Sat-phone tracker, so we always knew where they were, and they advised us when they had started their return Journey home and we were all hoping to catch up again.

Now Peter and Leigh called us all whilst we were all at Andy and Karen’s and they delivered some sad news, they had got to the Nullarbor Road house, when they received a call advising them that Peters Dad was very poorly and it would b advisable to get on a plane and get back to New South Wales as soon as possible, so the most efficient thing to to do was get back to Western Australia, specifically to their sons house in Perth and get on an aircraft as soon as possible, their son works for Qantas and would obviously assist with getting Peter and Leigh on a standby aircraft.

As usual these things don’t pan out as you hope they would as with my own mum and by the time Peter and Leigh got back home Peters dad had sadly passed away, fortunately Peter and Leigh had had time to say goodbye before they left Glen Innes, on their return journey which is a blessing.

Peter and Leigh arrived back in Western Australia on Thursday 10 September and phoned us on the Friday asking to catch up with us at the
All good things come to an end !!All good things come to an end !!All good things come to an end !!

Peter and Leigh Walker
Rockingham foreshore for lunch, we were delighted, they would only be in town for a couple more days, before their next step of their adventure, as they would be heading down towards Albany to work for CBH the grain board on the harvest soon.

Saturday was a beautifully hot day, we drove down to the foreshore and I was excited as I was test driving my new camera, which Caroline brought me for my birthday (Next month)

Whilst we were waiting a guy on a Ducati Café racer caught my eye and I thought this would be a good piece of subject matter to try my camera out on, so I went over and asked this fella if he wouldn’t mind me taking a photo of his bike, no worries he said so I took a few shots thanked him and wandered off.

Peter and Leigh arrived and we took a seat in a small café over looking the sea and ate and chatted until about 4.00pm, it was great to see them and catch up with all their amazing journey too and from Glenn Innis and of course we expressed how sad we were in Peter
All good things come to an end !!All good things come to an end !!All good things come to an end !!

Peter, leigh and Caroline in the sunshine
loosing his dad.

As they say all good things come to an end and this was the case, we had had a good lunch, and it was time for us to go our ay and leigh and Peter to go theirs, tomorrow or the next day they would be leaving for Albany and we would be meeting them again.


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All good things come to an end !!All good things come to an end !!
All good things come to an end !!

Caroline and the beach

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