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November 9th 2015
Published: November 9th 2015
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Too Rude !Too Rude !Too Rude !

Big Andy Bayley, Little me and Big Jack Dowling , all radio operators for VKS737
Too Rude 9-10 November 2015

This weekend was a busy one for us, it was the Perth 4wheel drive and outdoor adventure show and we were to be part of it and not just as spectators walking around the show.

Saturday was also a big day for us emotionally as like our recent blog, This is who we are) 7 years today, was the celebration of us leaving the UK and strangely enough is also the day 38 years ago the Toyota Landcruiser Club of Western Australia was set up and as we will be 40 years old in 2017 I have put myself forwards to coordinate our huge celebrations for our members.

We left the cabin at about 6.45am, yes I did say 6,45 am as we had to get to McCallam Park were the show was being held, the Toyota Landcruiser Club had a show stand and Caroline and I had the Saturday morning stint of manning the stand as we were on a recruiting drive to get some new members .

We hadn’t driven Jack all week and as it was a wheel dive show, it would have been too rude in not taking
Too Rude !Too Rude !Too Rude !

The Toyota Landcruiser Club Stand
him so, we arrived parked in the carpark and walked across the road for some breakfast.

After the most important meal of the day we walked back, grabbed our bags from Jack, then walked in to the show, got our passes stamped as it was only 8.00 am and found the Landcruiser Stand, it would only be an hour before the general public came in and we didn’t even know where our stand was.

Fortunately as Caroline has this amazing directional memory she recalled where she thought it was last year and walked virtually straight to it, we took the covers off the stand and set the bits and pieces up that we needed to do.

We were ready. All done and dusted, brochures to hand and still a little time and all we needed now was some people who were interested in joining our four wheel drive club.

The day was fairly overcast but still about 26 degree’s a cool start to the day but it was ramping up, some of our other friends had joined us on the stand and we also had a steady stream of existing club members who came just to
Too Rude !Too Rude !Too Rude !

The Crowd
say hi.

Our four hour stint went very quickly and at 1.00pm some other club members came to relieve us and we were free to wander around the show and have a look.

We went on to the Kimberley Karavan stand and we remembered that a year ago to the day we were here finalising the details of Roobie as we had our fingers crossed that we would get her before the festive season as if you remember we were off to Cape Arid for Christmas.

We had a nice look around the show and there were a few that were pretty cool, but we are quite convinced buying Roobie was the right move.

It was about 4.30 when we left and the traffic was light on the way home and we got back at about 5.15pm and it was just a quick shower and shave and w were on our way out again in to Perth as were to be having diner out with people who I was working with tomorrow.

We parked at the hotel in town and walked in we were the last to arrive and were soon sitting down with a
Too Rude !Too Rude !Too Rude !

The Toyota Landcruiser Club Stand
wine for Caroline and a beer for me, it had been a busy day and it was nice to sit back and chillax.

A restaurant was picked and we were going Asian, so just a short walk, to the Restaurant and we all sat down and ordered, I have to say that the food was really good, and when the bill came it was even more of a surprise as the amount seemed quite small for what we all ate.

We were soon home and fell in to bed exhausted at about11.00pm, I was up at 04.30 so it had been a really long day, but was excited about tomorrow.

Again, I was awake at 04.30 and I rolled around the bed until I just physically could not stay in there any longer at 5.00am.

I was again going to the 4 wheel drive and adventure show at McCallam Park but on my own this time, Caroline was staying back at the Cabin as we had washing and ironing to be done for work on Monday and I was helping out on the HF radio network stand VKS 737 who I am a base operator for.
Too Rude !Too Rude !Too Rude !

The Toyota Landcruiser Club Stand

It got t the show ground just after 7.00 am and went and got breakfast then sat in the truck in the carpark and switched the HF radio on and watched the world go by.

With Breakfast done, I walked in to the show ground and on to the VKS737 stand and some of the guys were already there, I put my lunch bag in the back of one of the vehicles and got myself ready, I would be doing pretty much the same as we did on the Toyota Landcruiser Club stand, but instead of promoting the club I would be talking technicalities of HF radio combined with the benefits of the network group.

I worked on the stand all day, gosh it was hard, work being on your feet all day, the sun was really hot today at a strong 29 degree’s but I did enjoy being with my VKS 737 buddies and from time to time I did wander over to the Toyota Landcruiser Club to see how they were doing and all in all it was a really good show.

I got home just after 5.00pm and dropped all my stuff on
Too Rude !Too Rude !Too Rude !

Just a token Picture o Jack and Gypsy as its her Birthday Today, this photo was taken a lake Caddibarrawirracanna, pronounced Caddi Barra Wirra Canna, near Coober Pedy
the floor, Caroline had had a busy day and it was nice to see here, I had a 6.00pm Meekatharra radio sked which went well, no callers in to the base tonight just half an hour of radio noise.

Wow what a weekend it had been so busy yet so fruitful, tomorrow the 9/11/2015 is another anniversary day as on the 09/11/2012 we took delivery of Gypsey at our favourite farm Woodstock in New South Wales, that feels like a million years ago, you can read the blog when Gypsy arrived its called Code Name Gypsy (A Possie Apprenticeship)

That’s all folks we are off to bed



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