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July 30th 2007
Published: August 9th 2007
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Judy and RagsJudy and RagsJudy and Rags

This is us!
We are planning to leave on August 1st 2007 on another adventure. Our destinations in order are: Hawaii, San Francisco, Mexico, Croatia, England (Essex), Scotland, Amsterdam and China. Somewhere during the England stay we will take a mystery flight to somewhere in Europe by selecting a RyanAir cheapie.

We have already pulled the backpacks from hibernation, greased the zips and attached new tabs as the old ones had snapped. A visit to Mountain Design and Kathmandu in Hay St, Perth ensured that we had some travel clothes - layers as we want to travel light but will need clothes for the heat as well as the cold. These are all washed and waiting on the spare bed. Meanwhile we have been putting together information for our exchangees - where to find the shops, best local eateries and how to operate the technology in the house!

Twelve and a half weeks to go!

25th July 2007

Less than a week before we leave and we are both getting quite excited. We did our trial pack and were very surprised that we could get everything you see in the photo into our packs, Judy's weighing 8kg and Rags' 11kg.

Will all of this fit in our bags?


28th July 2007

Sounds like you are well organised. I like the fact you've left a bit of space for purchases in San Fran. All the best. Have a wonderful, fun, eventful( in a nice way) ,safe journey. Look forward to hearing more.
28th July 2007

Wishing You a Great Trip
Well, long time no hear Rags, Judy. I can't believe you are going before the ECAWA conference this year. I know they hold special memories for you both ;-) I look forward to reading of your adventures as you go. I'm sure you'll have some great stories to tell. Just remember, if some woman offers to drive you both down a very steep hill while talking out loud to her late husband, politely decline. Warm regards Marcos von Windbreak. Go the Bike Boyz.
31st July 2007

Bon Voyage Weggsies
Hey Weggsies! I am trying to teach Clarkie how to travel light (OMG) and we just survived "pack-dragging" (our special version of back-packing) Europe and India for 4 weeks. We could still learn a lot from u guys. V impressive minimalism. So where is the 'puter? I'M told they r a necessary item. How else do u keep the airport security guys entertained?? Best wishes for your trip. Looking forward to seeing where u go and what u do. Travel safe Blossoms. Luv J XX

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