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April 2nd 2006
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The 65 hour Trip Home

For 60 of which I was awake... blerghhh!

Trees in the neighbors' paddockTrees in the neighbors' paddockTrees in the neighbors' paddock

Looking over the fence at dad's in Pemberton
Well, to explain the lack of blog for a while- I've been travelling incognito as I went around the (Australian) countryside surprising friends and family who had no idea I was home. Lex at first thought I was a recording of a ukulele, both Struth and Luce didn't seem to register that I was back for a good 5 minutes, Dad looked at me funny then went a bit teary and Mum asked me who I was sitting on her verandah! 😊 I just arrived at Mum's today, but have spend the last few days at Dad's chilling among the trees dreaming up plans for an earth house I want to build up in the back of his block. It was most peaceful, and I've pretty much been doing the same thing as Alaya did when she got back, just walking around with my head in the air going "Yep, it's just as I thought! Western Australia is the best place in the world!". Patriotic? Nahh! Just the cold, hard bloody truth, mate! 😊

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Dad's House in PembertonDad's House in Pemberton
Dad's House in Pemberton

It's changed a bit even since this photo was taken!
My piece of land!My piece of land!
My piece of land!

Future site of my dream-home! A beautiful spot right near the brook (good for hydroelectricity!). I've decided I want to build an earthen dome here.
Looking up from the brook.Looking up from the brook.
Looking up from the brook.

The whole thing sits on a bit of a hill in the bush about 500 metres away from dad's place.
Looking down the hillLooking down the hill
Looking down the hill

...towards the brook (it's there under the blackberry vines somewhere!)
Inside Dad's houseInside Dad's house
Inside Dad's house

The Shoji screens.
The House and it's backyard of treesThe House and it's backyard of trees
The House and it's backyard of trees

A few years ago... there are heaps of gardens out the front now.

My little bro looking like a farmer
My talented brotherMy talented brother
My talented brother

Jasper becoming the next Rachmanninoff

In the kitchen at Dad's with "just your average Big Aussie Spider!"

4th April 2006

ahh the best photos so far :D
4th April 2006

So, if you're back in Australia, you're not coming in Italy anymore! ;-( But, in the future, when you're coming again in my hemisphere, remember i'm still here waiting to show you my country. good luck and big big besos, little bro. Patrizia (Oasis)
5th April 2006

I am so relieved that your home safe and so proud that I know you! Congrats for doing the things you say you will... Well done for living your dream! You are an inspiration in this mundaine world, charlie jones...

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