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September 5th 2010
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Coral Bay was a very busy beach place, caravan city. Checked into our windy site and explored what was a very beautiful bay with crystal clear water. Had another snorkel, but was disappointed to see a lot of dead coral close to shore. Was a little better further out. Anyway the water was warm, but chill factor out was not so good. Checked local pub for a few drinks which proved a little more sheltered.
Spent the morning on a quad bike, snorkelling trip which we all thoroughly enjoyed. This took us along the beach to Oyster Beach which has some amazing colored fish and coral. Once again chilly, but warm in the water. Next stop was a Lagoon where a few turtles and larger fish were spotted. Once again a great variety of fish to view. We continued riding through sand dunes and walked this big dune to a shark spawning place. Didn’t see much spawning. We loved this adventure...a great way to get an insight into the area.
Left and headed for Quodda Homestead and along the way saw the Blowhole. This massive amount of water came charging up through the rocks making a bizarre sound. Thought about camping
John glen beachJohn glen beachJohn glen beach

John and Glen on their quad bike.
at Quodda, but windy and no fires so headed till we found a perfect place in the bush, built a fire with that awesome mulga wood and cooked up the best camp roast. Interrupted sleep that night with the squeaky windmill bird that was awake and singing all night!! Where is Steven’s slingshot when we need it!!
Headed into Canarvon and checked into park. The usual shower, washing and ate at the Canavron pub. Snapper and dill pie that was the go. If you ever have one share with a is huge! This was a lovely place to eat watching the sun go down over the water.
We are now at Monkey Mia and will see the dolphin feeding in the stayed tuned.
Barry look after Aggie!
Julia and Mark look after Olive.
Adrian look after mum!
Anybody, everybody look after Adrian.....except the Welshpool publican!!!!!!

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Pete bikePete bike
Pete bike

Pete on his quad bike
Brick bikeBrick bike
Brick bike

Brikie the biker.
Blow holeBlow hole
Blow hole

This was the blow hole on the way to Coral Bay.

Bush breakfast...Sunday morning bacon and eggs.

Sand track to Coral Bay.

Sattelite dish at Canarvon.

5th September 2010

Howdy Pete and everyone else
Hey Pete..... you're missing nothing down this end! Rain and rain and rain and more rain (oh, and of course the charming early morning office company I get to keep!!). Hope you're keeping well. We miss you and Hector (yes, lovely Hector) called last week and said to say hello. Keep well and keep on postiing :) Love Bek x

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