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February 19th 2008
Published: February 19th 2008
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Travel know, that thing your Mum nags you about to make sure that if you happen to break your leg attempting to climb the Eiffel Tower you'll still be able to afford the ambulance and the hospital bills.

I've finally sprung for the financial side of travel insurance but i think this weekend was the travel insurance i really needed. The kind you need when you are in the middle of somewhere, not lost, because, let's face it, you've never been there before so why would you know where you were? Or, when you are waiting for that damned trained, questioning yourself ceaselessly because you are convinced that it will no doubt send you in the opposite direction to where you actually want to go. The kind that you need when you are miserable and cold and let's face it, probably wet because who wants to carry around an umbrella. That's right, i am now insured incase of home sickness.

i have some awesome friends and some bloody awesome friends (yes Mich, that bloody was for you!). Friends, who this weekend, have really made me smile.

Friday saw international conversations, happy valentines day messages and a new message service for Ms Nessa - have an awesome time in Prague btw! Then Saturday with my lovely ladies and little chubby nephew who seems to be growing at an obscene rate. Then the evening of drunken revelling when the crew came out to say ciao...

See those memories, no matter how run of the mill or not very significant for you guys, i'm mean really, how unusual is another trip to the Norfolk, are actually pretty important to me. Not least because of all the smiles and cuddles and laughter... and that is the real travel insurance that i needed...


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