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February 14th 2008
Published: February 14th 2008
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So, the trip is well and truly on. Bye bye Perth! I'll see you next March!

I have had my leave booked for over 6 months and it feels like i haven't taken any leave it a million years! I even had work over the Christmas break so the countdown is on!

With only just under three weeks to go i've got plenty still to do, What with packing up my house and storing my stuff, trying to figure out how to move all my stuff and trying to stay alive in the 35+ temperatures things are getting a little stressy! The real estate have finally got my house re-leased so at least i don't have to endure any more inspections - have you any idea how hard it is to tidy a house filled with boxes???

The travel plans seem to be coming together. I have flights and trains and ferries booked, enough to get me around Europe and to New York and back at the very least. And i have a very enticing sounding couch to look forward to when i first hit London so that is awesome. I am so looking forward to getting acquainted with the couch - i definitely think a nap is in order.

So, what am i actually doing? I fly out to London on 3rd March and then head to Nessa and AB - despite AB's best laid plans he may actually fail and be on the same continent and in the same town as me! London will be some time to chill out, wander about and spend some well deserved time with my Nessa. So looking forward to some shoe shopping and lots of cups of tea!

Then after about a week, Nessa and I are off to Italia! bring it on! We are off to Italy for a 12 day Contiki tour, just in Italy. Looks like we will probably be in Venice for Easter - totally mad! So, that will be some hard core sight seeing and maybe a couple of drinks...

Once the tour is over, its a couple more nights in Rome before we head to gay Paris for the weekend. Hello croissants! My catch phrase for the trip may just become " I'm big in Europe - literally!". So visits to the Louvre and jaunts along the Seine for Ms Nessa and I before we split up at the train station. While Nessa has to go back to London and work, i will be heading across the Channel to Dover and my family. I'm so excited about this because i get to plot a trip to Cornwall with my Nanny AND catch up with my brother. Yes, i have two half brothers and a half sister that i haven't had contact with in nearly 20 years! So that will be amazing - good or bad, it's gonna be huge for me.

A few days later i'm off again - sitting still doesn't appear to be an option at this stage! I will be flying out for New York City! That is going to be so cool! I have a very special lady to visit for a mani-pedi and a couple of cans of XXXX. That and all the other glorious mischief we will get up to. Oh, and there is some breakfast date that i have. that shouldn't be too hard to keep given that i will be staying with my date!

So that's it in a nutshell. that's the plan at this stage. the plan is to keep writing so you guys have some suitable bedtime reading and i get to vent, rant and dribble on about the fantastic time and adventures i'm having!

better go, i still need to get some travel insurance... 😊


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