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October 23rd 2011
Published: October 24th 2011
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No rest for the wicked, as the saying goes. So... happy that Mia was safely back in Perth the usual Derby crew geared up for another corker.
Friday night was messy. Prue had a big BBQ and lots of wine was drunk. We were separated at the Boab cos they locked the doors before we all managed to get in. After another glass of wine we decided to meet up with the others at the King Sound but not before we planked a cement mixer and the new term Plonkatonk was coined.
We arrived just as they called last drinks. The management informed me several times that she didn't like me playing with the Halloween displays. I obliged and found a fan (121166).
Saturday morning was rough but it was Corporate Cup Day so after a
Diet Coke and some Vegemite toast I manned-up.
Corporate Cup is Derby's premier sporting event (if drinking is considered a sport and up here it most certainly is). Alot of the local businesses enter a team and spend an afternoon competing in Australian made games like handballing footy's through a hole and tossing a squashed tinnie into a rubbish bin and other similar, top quality, stimulating events all while drinking copious amounts of alcohol and waging war with super soakers. The day kicks off at 12 noon and when I left at 3pm things were only just getting good. At 8pm most of Team Youngblood stumbled (literally) back to Prue's Party Palace for food, tinfoil antics and sleep.
I had rested up and so was ready for the after party but it was non existant so we went to the Boab for Karaoke (I never really got the words to Hotel Calinfornia before). We called it a night around 12. Sunday I sorted some stuff out for school before going back to the pub to watch NZ kick our butts in the rugby.
I have to say that it was an awesome weekend but after so much partying I was quite happy to get back into 'school routine' which involves alot less alcohol and alot more exercise.
I am sure this term will pass me by in a blink of an eye but so much to do before Christmas hols begin. I am ready to dive in and see out the 2011 school year with a bang; bring it on!


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