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March 13th 2011
Published: March 13th 2011
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It's that time again. Sunday is almost over in fact so it's time for another update.

This week was mercilessly short thanks to the Labour Day long weekend and my class (for whatever reason) were on their best behaviour. We had lots to keep us occupied in class this week, including making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday Mass, our Senior Swimming Carnival on Thursday and all of a sudden it was Friday!

On the social calendar things were a little more quiet however. I failed to make it to the gym and although our Wednesday netball game played out with fierce competition, we lost by 1 goal. Friday was a big night out. The 'Spinnie' otherwise known as The Spinefex Pub was hosting a big going away afair and had a local band playing (complete with Pigram brothers). It pretty much drew the entire town- I never knew so many people lived here. All in all there must have been in excess of 200 people there. It was a great night for a dance and I rode my bike there which meant that drinking wasn't a problem and I had a fast way of getting home at the end of the night. Some of you may warn me that drin- riding may also be classified an offence but this is Derby and they are more than likely to have more important matters to deal with than me on a bike at 12 o'clock at night.

The rest of the weekend has dragged I'm afraid to say. As the dirt roads are undriveable at the moment I feel pretty much stuck here (unless I want to go to Broome) for the moment at least. Yesterday the Derby shire did host its annual Welcome to Derby Day which gave me an excuse to get out of the house. On a positive note, I am refreshed after two days of doing nothing and am actually quite enjoying typing this on my front porch as the sun slowly sets drinking a Strongbow.

I however, can not write my Top Ten this week without first mentioning the realities of this town. Although there is much to be positive about, there is, on a daily basis many challenges. As I wrote my first few paragraphs I was interuppted by the sound of a woman screaming abuse somewhere near by. A few minutes passed and a small child appears in front of my house, trying desperately to pull herself together and stop her tears flowing. In huge sobs I see her pause to pick up a leaf from in front of my fence, she then lifts her head and begins to heave with sobs again. On seeing me she rides the other way. She has been standing in the middle of the road for more than fifteen minutes now. She isn't more than 6. I know it because I know her. She's being yelled at to come back to the house but I suppose she thinks the street is a safer place to be at the moment. I'm sure there is a Waifs song like this, but knowing what to do is harder than it seems. For now, I will just watch her to make sure she is ok.

On that note, I think it is more important than ever to write my Top Ten as there will always be something to smile at if you look at it from the right angle.
1. Swimming in the Teacher, Student, Parent race at the swimming carnival
2. Dancing the night away at the Spinnie
3. Awesome sunsets - fire, fairy floss, an ocean of colour.
4. Dotted thirds paper (Amen)
5. Attending my first Book club meeting
6. Jilla Cafe's woodfired pizzas
7. Finding someone to mow my lawns
8. Mercy Valley cheese @ IGA
9. Riding my bike to the pub
10. Realising that I actually know people here.


13th March 2011

Hi Chloe! I think I tried to contact you like this before - not sure if it worked so will try again. I really want to come and visit you - could you get in touch so we could chat about it? Just need a bit of advice really... I want to emmigrate! although not sure Lewis feels the same :( Speak soon I hope... your friend from Camp Applejack.xxxxx
13th March 2011

Hi Derby Girl
Hi Chloe, Sorry I missed you last Mon before you returned to Derby. We still had three games to play so I was unable to leave the bowls. All is well at the farm appart from the lack of rain. It is distressing to see so many large gum trees dying of thirst. I wish we had a little of the rain you have had. Enjoy and remember this wet season because it is rare to rain so much, even in the Kimberley and it may be a long time before you witness it again. I am sure that Trailer misses Vegemite, like he misses the sheep. He is so much happier when Vegemite is up here at the farm. Understandable I suppose as I'm not much fun for a dog. I have been getting ready for seeding and doing maintenance on the farm vehicles. This week a bloke is coming to install autosteer in the big tractor and I have to go over to Quarading to get a seal for a hydromotor on the air cart. Then I will attach everything together so that I'm ready to seed by 1st April. I hope you have sorted out the dicipline problem you were having. I wondered if you had spoken to other staff/headmaster about it. They may have had the same problem and the solution. I think of you often Western-redfish. Love you with all my heart. Dad.
14th March 2011

Yay! Come Visit Me!
Wow! Gemma it's so great to hear from you. Sorry I can't remember getting another email from you this way, but iI could have just forgotten! Anyway, yes, fire away, of course iIll help you any way I can. Very exciting stuff.
14th March 2011

Glass half full
Hey Chloe, Great to hear there is another wise person who rides home to keep the roads safe. Wow the Pigrim. What book are you reading with your book club at the moment Chloe? I hope you have a great week. we have our pp/1 beach carnival this Thursday so hope the weather stays warm. Take care anda great to hear your possitve words. you are awesome girl! Best wishes Esther
14th March 2011

Thank you
Hi Esther, it is great to hear from you. I really appreciate your support. I will think of you this Thursday @ the beach. Those days are always fun- but so much work!!! We just read Captain Correlli's Mandolin and this month's book is called Journey to theSstone Conutry by alex miller. I am enjoying it so far. Enjoy the rest of your week. Give my love to all at DCPS.
15th March 2011

Hello there!
Hi Chloe so good to here that all is going well in Derby and that you are enjoying work and the social life in the town. Enjoying reading your top tens. Thank God for small mercies hey. I think we forget to see the wonderment and joy in the smaller things in life. Keep on blogging Derby girl! Lots of love Donna Evans

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