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December 16th 2013
Published: December 16th 2013
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….. its nearly the end of yet another year in human counting terms. Time is a strange thing indeed. Sometimes there seems oodles of it other times it appears like the seconds just run through our fingers at an amazing pace. But here we are looking back and looking forward and most importantly being right here, right now.

Whilst travelling we have been bombarded with beauty and surprises continuously. The senses get overstretched at times and it happens that we get a bit blaze, desensitised about another beautiful vista, another breathtaking sunset.

So it's good to stop somewhere for a while and contemplate, say over a blueberry, get back to the small things in life and find appreciation within.

Hence we are now working at a pleasant vineyard near the hamlet of Mt Barker. Biiig Vineyard and we are picking and packing blueberries and when we don't do that we're getting an old beautiful homestead into shape for the Christmas holidays. On top of this we can stay here on site and right now another beautiful sunset is happening outside my window over the grapevines.

We have been to Perth and Fremantle and spent some neat days there exploring, walking down memory lane because we both have spent time there ages ago, me also doing a Barister course which was mesmerising to say the least 'cause there is a lot to that little bean.

From there we ventured through the mega tall tree area and heaps of NP's and freezing cold nights ( had to get my fleece jacket and beanie out) to Denmark. Ah yes we also hopped around the canopy of trees at the tree walk. 60m above the ground and I was freaking.

In Denmark Geof got pretty sick and after blood tests and the likes a great Sri Lankan doctor worked out that it was probably bush typhoid which is sort of in the family of other little critter diseases. Comes from a tick which hops over from a kangaroo. Anyhow he is on heavy drugs now, Goff I mean, for a couple of weeks and that 's working fine.

Denmark is a super nice little town, lots of bike tracks and lakes, inlets, ocean and the like.

Also had a quick snoop around Albany and now we are here. Celebrated Advent at the vineyard with some Gluhwein 'cause it was pretty cold at night.

Work is good - hard, hands on work and for 2 oldies like ourselves we are pretty buggered by the time evening comes around. We can ride the bikes to work through vineyards and past little ponds.

We'll probably work here for the next 6 weeks whilst everybody else goes on holidays and clogs up the roads.

It's in the little things where life shines at its best sometimes. It's good to keep that in mind.

And that's it again.

Pictures to back up my waffling.

PS: Its my birthday this week, Yippee 😊

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17th December 2013

Flies look fierce! Geof, I took your Xmas present to Mum\'s - not sure why now! I\'ll let you know what it is. Its a reading pillow, specially made so you can read in bed, by yours truely. Hope its not too long a wait. I\'ve had a fall. Did in both knees and two hands, but nothing broken. So I\'ve been unable to drive for a few days and have a hand which can\'t be moved much, but its getting better. Hope the blueberries are delicious! Mum and I had some blueberry pancakes at coffee shop beside the Orpheum Yum! Happy Christmas Barb and Geof. I\'ll be thinking of you eating a Blueberry Christmas dinner.
31st December 2013

Happy New Year
Hallo Ihr Zwei Abenteuerer - schön, eure Touren mitzuerleben - ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass es gut ist, eine Weile einen Alltag zu leben, um die vielen Eindrücke zu verarbeiten und wieder festzustelllen, dass nach einem Arbeitstag das Bett sich soooo herrlich anfühlt und die Freizeit kein Selbstverständnis ist. Blueberry picking - hoffentlich heisst das für euch nicht - am Boden entlang zu robben, um diese zu pflücken?? gibt es auch größere Sträucher davon?? Nach unseren Tagen beim Olivenpflücken haben wir auch wieder erfahren, wie gut eine körperliche Müdigkeit ist. Eure Fotos inspirieren zum sich wegträumen an die Westküste - auch wenn ich gerade die ganze Alpenkette im rosarotem Sonnenuntergang vor dem Fenster habe, reizt halt gerade mal das Unbekannte Ferne - Unser WEihnachten hat sich wohl nicht so von eurem unterschieden - zumindest Klimamäßig, da wir hier täglich mittags in der Sonne sitzen und Schnee gibts nur in Hochlagen der Alpen - Ihr Zwei - habt weiterhin viel Spaß - geht den Zecken aus dem Weg uns anderem Untier - und bleibt auch 2014 im Augenblick und Hier und Jetzt!! Ois guade von Christine und Peter und Yana (kurz vor der Sylvesterparty - noch 7 Std. vor New Year)

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