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September 11th 2013
Published: October 14th 2013
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shark's bay @ sunday islandshark's bay @ sunday islandshark's bay @ sunday island

Dirk Hartog Island , we anchord of sunday island for a couple of day
We left carnavon on the 11th sep 2013 , heading north with good southerly winds. along the coast. Decided to have a stop over at coral bay for a sleep before a couple of weeks at sea. lucky we did - water pump decided to spit the dummy- lucky really graeme is so handy and fixed it, with a few not so nice word's. After a couple of hours we where good to go, still along the coast , till just before north west cape it was time to turn of towards cocos keeling. We ask each other if we really going to do this, rather nerve wracking since we both never sailed in the blue ocean. Once turning off there was no way back, wind is only coming from one direction and we were going with it. Going against a 30 knot wind is just not possible .

Lucky we didn't talk each other out of it, we had 1139nm which are 2109km. So here we were, a tiny spot in the big ocean, not half a scary as i ever imagine. Its rather timeless, as a friend of ours has said. i don't think i can explain what it is like, definately not boring!

We tried to have a routine with watches, hmm not all that easy for captain graeme, not so hard for me since i'm like sleepy, and boy can i sleep. We managed, after a few days the routine set in, seasickness wasn't a problem. Luckily not even with the dog's ,everybody was doing well.

We didn't try to fish , since the water was more then 5000m deep. Didn't think we would ever catch anything, apparently that is wrong we learnt afterwards

We spotted 3 big ships miles away, had 5 flying fish landed on board and where followed by Shearwater all the way.

Once we had to put two reefs into the main and no head sail out since it was very windy, still the wind was behind so no real stress, just a bit bumpy.

After 9 days of constant movement, even while you sleep you move, the outlook to stand still was looking rather inviting. 20nm out from cocos we started looking for land, that was a long 20nm. We got there 3am in the morning , opened a bottle of Champagne and had to celebrate our achievement, since there was no strawberries out there we just had to use kiwi fruit, that was all we had and that was just perfect!

The waking up the next morning was as if we just landed in paradise. Cocos Keeling what a spot,beautiful is not the word for it, not explainable !!

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bottel baybottel bay
bottel bay

last stop before carnavon

busy catching dinner

at the carnavon race day, trying to win some money no luck but lots of fun
bye byebye bye
bye bye

the turn off , see you wa @ north west cape
flying fishflying fish
flying fish

flying fish nr 1
still goingstill going
still going

so hard to take a photos so it shows you what it is like out there
made itmade it
made it

9 days later

what a feeling of achievement, feels good

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