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September 22nd 2008
Published: September 22nd 2008
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Hong KongHong KongHong Kong

Trying to take a picture by ourselves on a Timer. Dorks!
Hello for the final time!

Well sadly our journey has reaches it's end! Soon South America will be just a blur and distant memory which is now bringing on the Post Holiday Blues.

On a brighter note - I have been able to see my lovely friend Jess (LB) and Marty (Mr Hotpants - or should I say no pants at the wedding??!!) get married on the weekend. I have also finally seen my lovely cat who was so pleased to see us! And my girlfriends who I missed soo much!!

Since I last wrote, we have explored Hong Kong. Whilst in Hong Kong, a typhoon was hanging around somewhere which was giving us unusually hot weather for that time of the year - almost unbearable.

We endeavoured to eat Dim Sum (Yum Cha) every lunch time - which was an experience in itself being the only caucasion person in a hall of thousands!! The food was amazing in Hong Kong!

We watched the Symphony of Lights on the waterfront, did a Duckling boat trip in the harbour, saw the massive Buddha, trekked to the Peak and also hit Disneyland! Hands down - Nick and my
The Infamous..The Infamous..The Infamous..

Chungking Mansions. Very disgusting and a wee bit scary
favourite part of Hong Kong! Big Kids!!

Now we're home. In 10 weeks we've managed to travel on 12 planes, go from 0m above sea level to 5000m above sea level, and to literally travel AROUND the world. We have spoken Spanish, Portuguese, French, English and Chinese. From flip flops to hiking boots to wedding shoes. From Sun to Rain to Snow. From eating Hangis to Guinea Pig to Alpaca to Fejioda (don't ask) to Curries to Roasts to Pork Buns.

Thank you to everyone who kept in touch and left messages on this website!
Glad you've enjoyed it as much as me!!
It's a little bit sad really!!

over n out!
Nick n Jacs x

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By night..By night..
By night..

Just before the light show
Peking DuckPeking Duck
Peking Duck

This guys was awesome with the knife!

and the Big Buddha

Doing Disneyland

in the Garden
Armed & DangerousArmed & Dangerous
Armed & Dangerous

on the Buzz Light Year game - Astroblasters!
Hot StuffHot Stuff
Hot Stuff

Wearing out 3D glasses in Mickeys Orchestra
Just chillin...Just chillin...
Just chillin...

Nick, Goofy and I kicking back
The Hong Kong DucklingThe Hong Kong Duckling
The Hong Kong Duckling

old school boat cruise
When you're in rome...When you're in rome...
When you're in rome...

or should I say Hong Kong..
Best Food ever!!Best Food ever!!
Best Food ever!!

Cantonese - Sweet and Sour pork, Pak Choy, Rice and Spring rolls! All washed down with a Green Tea!

and Nick

and Jacqui...

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