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May 29th 2009
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Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast

Karl Ridgeway doing breakfast
DAY 203

It was much cooler this morning and quite blowy, we knew rain was due imminently and sure enough shortly before 6.00am the rain started to fall. Almost as soon as the rain started the humidity started to rise.

Andy was out early, but thankfully we have shelter under the awning. I stayed in bed a little longer, relishing the opportunity to relax in this environment. I needed to get some washing on the go, but as it was raining I was not in any hurry.

I went over to shower and get ready for breakfast; today Carl and Carol are cooking breakfast for the Travelin Trueys and KangarooJack. I checked to see that it was still on due to the rain as the plan was to cook on one of the barbecues. Carl and Carol are busy making preparations to eat inside their caravan.

The rain is easing off, bacon and eggs are cooking on the grill under the awning, Carol is busy making cups of coffee and pouring juice. We all make our way inside and sit down, there is plenty of room in here even though there are 8 of us sat
Dining togetherDining togetherDining together

Us the Truman's and the Ridgeways
around the table.

Breakfast must have last for a couple of hours, by then the rain had stopped, there were huge swimming pool sized puddles outside in the roads, we all went back to our respective camps and went to get the washing on. Unfortunately all of the machines were full, everyone had the same idea. However 3 machines had stopped so I emptied one of them to put my white’s in. These are the same whites that were grey until I managed to get them back to white again while we were staying in Scarborough. So now they are red and as the water trickles into the machine you can see how red the water is.

Another machine next to me is finished so I empty that one also to get my second load in, instead of going back to camp I sit and read my book for half an hour and wait for the rinse cycle so that I can get my conditioner in at the right time.

With the washing on the line, the sun is now out and the day is getting hotter. The rest of the day was generally about getting ready
Camp ovenCamp ovenCamp oven

Me ken and Karl cutting a gas cyclinder
to move on in the morning thus more washing being done to make sure we had plenty of clean clothes over the weekend.

We are leaving in the morning with the Travelin Trueys to Cape Leveque for two or three nights and will then head back into Broome. Monday is apparently a bank holiday so there will be no chance of getting any provisions if we needed to stock up, so we need to ensure we have everything we need before we go in the morning.

We pop out to find out how things are going with our UHF radio, you may remember we had mentioned that the LCD screen is losing its picture. We find that it has been sent away but as it did not get despatched until yesterday we will need to pick it up in Kununarra on our way through.

It was a busy afternoon, but I still managed to wiggle out of taking the awning down as Jodie wanted to go and see the sunset, so did I especially as it would potentially be our last one on Cable Beach.

We walked down the road and no more than 10 minutes
Disk cuttingDisk cuttingDisk cutting

Ken finishing off the disk cutting
later we were on the beach, we walked over to the rocks that line the edge of the water and watch yet again a good sunset, but for all of the days that we have been here, the best sunset by far was on Wednesday. You can watch a sunset every day and every day it will be different.

As we turn to walk back up the beach, Kahlia remembered that she had a cake in the oven, so had to run back before the caravan burnt down, then Jodie and I made our way slowly back up the beach and past the Surf Club.

Back at camp, both Ken and Andy have been busy with preparations for moving on, the awning is away and I find Andy sitting having a cup of tea. He tells me that he is not really hungry so I go ahead and finish up last nights curry for my dinner, it was just as delicious as last night, if not more so.

A while later Andy suggested he would have some cheese and biscuits, however he vanished, I wandered over to the Trueys caravan across the way and Ken spilled the beans, Andy was inside having a bowl of homemade soup!! Cheeky Monkey!

We have been invited over for Ice cream and a movie for our last night together at Cable Beach, we sit and eat Wild Berry ice-cream and watch Happy Gilmore, with Adam Sandler. What a funny movie, we all had a great laugh.

Then again all of a sudden it was bedtime, and we all retired in the heat of the evening.

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