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September 27th 2008
Published: September 27th 2008
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To our family and friends, we have a small confession to make. It’s a very small, but a confession just the same - we have been keeping something from you and thought it about time we came ‘clean’.
Back when we were in Port Augusta, we picked up a stranger as we were leaving town. He was very shy and wouldn’t talk much to start with but we finally learnt that his name is OT. OT has since told us that his is on a walkabout Australia to find his roots (family history). OT was only going to travel with us until the next town but he has been with us since, seems he’s grown fond of us, as well, us with him.
I’m sharing a few stories and pictures with you in this blog and then you must continue reading our blog to get updates on what OT is up to. Any guesses as to what OT stands for????

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27th September 2008

Jennifer says "You better be bringing him home. He's so cute" Jeff says "O.T. stands for old travellers, old timers, or old turtle" Eryka says "Miss you Grandma and Grandpa, better bring O.T. back so I can chew on him"
27th September 2008

Outback Tortoise? OT seems so shy, it will tough to get him out of his shell. He's not overly photogenic, try to make him smile, it might help. Maybe hanging around with you two might help relax a bit, he's so stiff in the pictures. We hope you folks continue to be healthy, happy and safe on your travels. Update the blog with your stories and pictures as often as possible, they are GREAT! We look forward to seeing when you return home. Mike, Laura and kids!
28th September 2008

Hi, Nice pictures, I think OT stands for our turtle.....Anyway, keep up the good work,
29th September 2008

Certainly hope you're feeling better than OT - looks like rigor mortis has set in (must be lack of water) - OT - Our Taxidermy.

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