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December 31st 2008
Published: December 31st 2008
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So its new years eve and I explored more of Melbourne. I began be taking a closer look at the public bathroom. When you go inside the sink is on the left and there is an automatic sensor for you sope water and dryer. On the left is the toilet and a button to flush and then near the door is a button to open the door. When you get in there after about an a minute a voice comes on and tells you to shut the door and then says that in 10 minutes if you don't open the door or leave a mini alarm will go off...Weird
I hopped on a tram down to Fed square where I took another picture of St. Paul's Cathedral. I also took a picture of the screen and stage down at Fed Square. The stage they were settting up for New Year's Eve and the big screen is always there usually showing some sports match. I began to walk down toward the Fitzroy Gardens and saw the Melbourne Cricket ground, more beautfiul trees and some nice architecture. Once entering the gardens I got to see a lot of amazing scenary, Cooks' Cottage, Sinclair's
Public RestroomPublic RestroomPublic Restroom

the toilet
Cottage and the conservatory full of flowers. From here I walked over to St. Patrick's Cathedral and then up to China town before visiting two other churches; St. Michael's and St. Francis Catholic church. This concluded my tour for the day before I went home to freshen up for New Year's Eve
Before leaving to go out I decided to take a picture of the money here. You can see it looks like monopoly money because of all of the sizes and color. In coins the have a 50 cent, 20 cent, 19 cent, and 5 cent which are all silver and then a 1 dollar and a 2 dollar coin. I put the american money in there just to get an idea of sizes. Ok now off to the new years eve extravaganza...I ended up over in Brunswick which is north east from where I stay at a pub called rainbow hotel. Around 11 I decided I wanted to be downtown to watch the fireworks so I headed down there. The city was packed and my camera doesn't take fireworks pictures well. But it was an experience and beautiful.

Ok so a few topics I wanted to discuss...I
Fed SquareFed SquareFed Square

setting up for new years eve and the big screen
wanted to revisit the obesity statistic...australian's have a more obsese population than america. I was surprised at first because everyone seems to walk and there are a quite a number of skinny people. But after discussing it with some people, I only see the people who walk everyone else drives and I did notice that there are alot of people that eat McDonalds for lunch. Also because you aren't allowed to take doggy bags people are forced to eat more at one time. Jusy my take on it.
Another thing I thought was interesting is that alot of people abide by the rules for their enviroment down here ie puts their cigarrette butts in the trash and upholds the 4 minute shower rule. The rules here are to only take a 4 minute shower to conserve water. I think thats a great idea and that so many americans will stay in the shower for up to 25 minutes at a time.
At the end of the photos are a few I forgot to post. There are a few of the view outside the casino and another of a sign posted on telephone pole...its interesting. Well thats about it for now.
St. Paul's CathedralSt. Paul's CathedralSt. Paul's Cathedral

there was a photo taken earlier in another blog with me and two others but this is a full shot of it
I hope everyone had a happy new years...cheers!!

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more beautiful trees in the city

a view of the city from the north east
Cooks' CottageCooks' Cottage
Cooks' Cottage

a Moreton Bay Fig tree infront of Cooks' Cottage
Fitzroy GardensFitzroy Gardens
Fitzroy Gardens

Fairies Tree
Fitzroy GardensFitzroy Gardens
Fitzroy Gardens

a flower from the last tree

31st December 2008

I love receiving all of the beautiful pictures and details of where you are. This is great!! Happy New Year to you too, Jess! I love you.

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