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April 7th 2008
Published: April 7th 2008
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Click PRINT VERSION if you can't see the text!!! G'day all, greetings from the city of Melbourne, where I'll be staying for the next couple of weeks. in the next blog I'll tell more about this great city. My last week in Adelaide was horrible, VERY BORING because I wasn't working. I worked only for 4 days packing down a festival site. I couldn't get earlier out of the city because all tours wer... Read Full Entry

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7th April 2008

LOL! The shape of the tree you're standing at the Old Temperate Rainforest looks very familiar. It reminds me of a joke by Eddie Griffin. Other than that Tasmania looks very amazing! I love the scenery. I also liked the hanging bridge a lot. Keep taking pictures! Arelys
7th April 2008

awesome photos, my friend!
14th April 2008

comment austalia
i just finisht the blog about australia. i wanna say this about the white nationalists, they make me sick! its only because they're affraid. theyre pathethic.. again some very nice pictures. i also saw some strange animals like the white kangaroos and the tasmanian devil, which i had never seen before. the scenery is very beautiful and i deffinetly wanna go to australia too. i hope you get work at the hotel. good luck and enjoy. Greetz Paul
23rd April 2008

hi sexy
your blog is getting more interesting than the magazines i normally buy x x take care and have fun..and fuck them white bitches,they are sick
30th May 2008

about Curazao
Hi Arelys if you for any chance happen to be from Curacao please send me a message, well I know you since a long time ago. I will appreciate to catch up. Yosvel
29th August 2009

Wow, Elton, how u managed to stand on that thing to pretend your climbing London Bridge?!
13th September 2009

hahaha! Just by standing on one feet and lifting the other one :D
6th December 2010
Map of Aboriginal killings by stupid Europeans in 1800's in Victoria

White deaths
Certainly an understatement to say a sad part of white settlement but I would be interested to see a little more balance on the issue. Why aren't the murders and massacres of white settlers recorded? Queenslands early history would be a good place for you to start. Regards Dean
3rd January 2011
Map of Aboriginal killings by stupid Europeans in 1800's in Victoria

Stupid Europeans
By stupid Europeans, do you mean the white guys that built the place into what it is now, you know cars, buildings and what not?
4th January 2011

I meant the white guys who massacred the Aboriginals! If they're the same ones that built up the place I don't give a damn. It's still stupid and unacceptable what they did to the original owners of the land they built up to what it is today. But it's history, it happened already so there is nothing we can do about it, right?
3rd March 2011

Hi!! Í´m a teen from mexico, and my dream is to travel the world, like you. I´m looking for careers that can offer me the opportunity to know new places. I just want to know what is your job, that allows you to travel the world. Have a great day Luis Gallardo
7th March 2011

Hello Luis, first of all, I speak good Spanish so if you want, I can write you in Spanish too. I work as a teacher, which gives me several holidays and days off. Next to teaching, I help students with their homework three days a week, where I also get some extra money. Besides, I also did work & travel during some of my trips. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I could tell you much more now but I don't want to make it too long!! How old are you btw? Where in Mexico do you live and what do you want to become later...?? Elton Hasta Luego, Elton

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