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February 26th 2008
Published: February 26th 2008
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ghetto, burbs and heights partyghetto, burbs and heights partyghetto, burbs and heights party

our towers are divided into these sections and kayla and i was in the heights. my friends jess and nichole are in the ghetto, and daria and brenna are in the burbs.
Hi Everyone! STILL no internet in my room! It's coming along slowly, but it's definitely going to be a process. Sorry! I promise that as soon as I get internet, pictures will be up and updates will be sent out!

We had O-Week (orientation week) last week and they had stuff planned for us every day. I'll give you a few highlights.

Porter's Challenge: We ended up having to run around all of the other colleges (dorms), doing jumping jacks, sit ups, the whole thing. Then we get to this mud pit and with a ladder over it. We had to separate into our towers and tower by tower go into the pit on our backs and go through it using only the ladder rungs. Sounds gross and bad, but it was a blast AND it cooled us off! We then had to be spun around by a partner and look for a beer can in the woods 😊 I didn't win. THEN back to the mud pit to search for gummy frogs in the pit. I found 12, I was pretty proud of myself 😊 So, not fun at first, but afterwards it was pretty sweet. Just REALLY
me and xavierme and xavierme and xavier

cuttin' a rug at our survivor/moat party and bbq. a dj came out after we all did our survivor challenges!

Hill Party: We all gathered on the lawn where there was a blow up carnival type thingy where you can go in and jump up and down. Free doughnuts, veggie burgers (I was a very happy girl). THEN, a fire guy came out and started doing all these crazy tricks with fire. He was swallowing it, twirling it around, all that stuff. I'll get some pictures of that up here, he was really good.

We also had a pub crawl, toga party (toga! toga!), went op-shopping (thrift store shopping), FINALLY got some food in my fridge, and a bunch of other stuff. Its hard to remember everything we did because there was so much! It was fun but by the end of the week I was ready to sleep for a couple days.

Uni (school) started on Monday. I had one class, International Law and Organisations, and I'm not going back to it! For the first hour I was following the lecturer alright, but by the second hour I had no clue what he was talking about. I thought that this class was a class having more to do with an overview of Human Rights law
brenna and mebrenna and mebrenna and me

about to go to the moat for our survivor challenge!
and whatnot, but this is a straight up law class, latin terms and all. So, I've finally gotten my classes figured out after running around and trying to get signatures all day. I'm taking Cross Cultural Communication (which I had today and I REALLY liked it), Crisis in S. Asia (focuses on India), and Discover Australia which is a class geared towards international students and we'll be going on short excursions, learning about Australian politics, aboriginal history, all that good stuff.

I've made some really great friends here so far. I've gotten to be good friends with a few aussies and a bunch of girls from Wisconsin. It's nice to feel like you have a bit of home here. Everyone is really great, the aussies I've met are super nice, relaxed, helpful and easy to chat to. Don't worry about me, I'm well taken care of! There are some very large aussie guys that promise to keep an eye on me and make sure no one hassles me. AND- just a fact to keep you all at ease...only about 60 people die from gunshot wounds a year....IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY...compare that to Detroit or something and that should ease
hanging out with the ladieshanging out with the ladieshanging out with the ladies

my friends brenna, claire and nichole!
your mind a bit 😊

Love you all and miss you much! I have given mom and dad my address (and most of all of you probably) so if you want to send me anything go right ahead! I love letters! I have sent postcards to many of you already so you should be getting them in the mail within the next week, keep an eye out! CHEERS!


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on the yarra river for the La Trobe international student welcome cruise!

26th February 2008

What a great opportunity!
I'm so happy for you! You will remember this for the rest of your life. ENJOY and take it all in! I have to admit, I'm a little jealous...ok a LOT jealous! While we miss you terribly here in Richmond, I'm so thrilled you're having this life event! Will you be back for the fall semester? I have some scholarship info if you'd like it. Love and miss you. Cindy
5th March 2008

Yay! I loved O-week and I loved/love meeting you and hanging out with you all the time! Cant wait for more experiences and trips and such! :)

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