The Land Down Under II: Melbourne & Great Ocean Drive

This journal has been deleted.
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6th March 2007

I have always wanted to drive this road. And your pics just added to my desire. Awesome blog, happy travels guys. Lloyd
6th March 2007

Hi there...! great pics!! I'm fascinated by the beauty of the australian coast! it's obvious from the journal that you're enjoying your journey..I hope you will continue...enjoying and informing us about it..thanx for sharing your experiences.. This made me want to go to australia even more.. :)) Cheers!! Angela p.s. greetings from Croatia! (Croatian coast is aswell fascinating!! ;)) and..sorry about the spelling mistakes I've probably made.. :)
7th March 2007

Miss you
Looks great guys. Now I want to go and visit.
9th March 2007

Superb photos!
These are some of the best photos of the Great Ocean Road I've ever seen, and being an Aussie, I've looked at plenty of photos! You have really captured the beauty and grandeur of the place. Am glad the weather was good to you, as that coastal area is most unpleasant once the wind and rain arrives! Look forward to seeing more of your great photography!
28th August 2007

Wrong titles
hey guys, gret pics, but io hate to be picky, but hte beach your calling clifton beach is actually Gibsons steps
15th November 2007

wow...guys... i can't take it no more. Great snap dude. I want to go there...waiting for Air Asia to go Aussie! yeah... Keep up the good masterpieces , enjoy your journey. me-budakhutan
21st November 2007

wow, what a beautiful sea!! :)

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