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May 17th 2015
Published: May 17th 2015
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Morning again everyone, well yesterday being Sunday turned out to be a glorious day, Dorothy was all ready for the weather and put thermals on, good idea if you ask me, I would have done the same if I had some !! However the day was gorgeous, no need for them, blue sky, blue sea and SUN SUN SUN, soooooooo lovely. We all popped down to South Melbourne market, just love that place, Stu and Mike went off and did their thing, not sure what, but they weren't bothering us !! we wandered round taking it all in, just great. We all had a coffee and then made our way back to the house, Sue showing Mike and Dorothy where her and Brian are going to move to at the end of the week, nice apartment overlooking a park, in the other park opposite is called the Gasworks, they have Farmer's Market's and arty exhibitions. The apartment has a communal gym and a swimming pool, looks very nice. So us girls got in one of the cars with Sue driving and the boys were in the other, off we went down to Half Moon Bay where we walked along the beach, with that glorious sun beating down on us, had lunch at a place called The Beach House. As we walked off our lunch, Sue, myself and Stu walked further down to look at the sea, when we heard a lady start shouting 'mum, mum, mum, stay with me', she was hugging her mother who was in a wheel chair, the elderly lady appeared to be unconsious, Sue phoned for an ambulance and was told to get the lady out of the wheelchair and lay her flat, this was done by two men who was stood next to us, Sue found a pulse, the ambulance operator then phoned back and gave me further instructions on what to do, I felt like I was back at work !! The ambulance arrived and the lady who was 92 years old did respond by telling the ambulance crew to stop shouting !! We were all happy to know that Joan was well and truly still with us !! We then headed off to St Kilda Pier to see the fairy penguins. Quite a few people were there by the time we arrived, but the little penguins didn't disappoint us, out they came from the rocks, making a bit of a racket I must say, ready to get their dinner. They are so cute, I managed to take a couple of photos of one, but it is a bit dark and grainy as you can't use your flash. The sunset yesterday was just magnificent with the city skyline in the background, just took you're breath away. A very nice day indeed !!!

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18th May 2015

Mike and Stu
Wow, The picture of Mike and Stu sat at the bar looks a lot like dad without hair.

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