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February 26th 2008
Published: March 3rd 2008
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The queen victoria market..The queen victoria market..The queen victoria market.. was full with people but not cramped.
G'day mate,

We got the bus from just outside the camp into thecity centre. It took almost an hour but it was a saturday and there are so many sets of traffic lights along the way, your'e stopping every 2 minutes. Our first impressions of just the outskirts of the city was not that great, it looked just like Plymouth! It was no where near as clean or as nice as Adelaide. As we got closer into the city not that much changed, it got bigger with some skyscapers but it still didn't look that nice, well not what we were expecting anyway! We jumped off the tram to go to Victoria market which is a huge thing in the city centre. Everyone seemed to be there! It sold meat, fish, sweets, clothes, souvenirs, fruit and veg all in over 1000 overcover stalls! It was real good fun looking around and not stressful like some of the other markets we have been to!

We went next to have a look around federation square which had some live hippy band playing there. In fact everyone seems to dress like a hippy or an emo with pink hair or something! After
the meat section..the meat section..the meat section.. were 'hailing' about there meat sales all over the place so this bit was pretty loud!
taking in the atmosphere of this 'alternative' (Weirdos!) city, we came back to the campsite to have a few beverages with dinner.

The next day we were off to pinoak court AKA 'Ramsey street'! We drove for about an hour out of the city to get there before turning down a little road, a short way down on the left hand side was pinoak court 'Ramsey street'. We drove up and parked and Han leapt up out of her seat with alot of excitement! The houses are lived in and are only used for block filming 3 monthes of the year! A security guard was sat in a car to keep obsessive fans under wraps! We were the only ones there and its just a regular street, it was really surreal actually! Its much smaller than it looks like on TV. We got some pics but we felt abit creepy as they are peoples actual houses and were probably inside when we were taking them! It was cool to have seen it but it was a shame there was no tour or anything.

We had quite enjoyed Melbourne although it was quite different to what we had both
The live poultry section..The live poultry section..The live poultry section..

..there were ducks, mum does this remind you of that time at the devon county show??
been expecting. We got ourselves prepared for the long, long drive to Canberra the next day, which was due to take about 8 hours!

Party on dudes

Rob and Han xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Additional photos below
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the veg and fruit section..the veg and fruit section..
the veg and fruit section..

..the whole of the market was undercover.
the city behind the market..the city behind the market..
the city behind the market..

..this was the outside section of the market.
the gourmet foods section..the gourmet foods section..
the gourmet foods section..

..their stalls were done old fashioned style.
the cake shop..the cake shop..
the cake shop..

the city..the city..
the city.. was pretty dull and overcast.
the tram network..the tram network..
the tram network..

..made it easy to get aound the city.
federation square..federation square..
federation square.. was done with lots of modern art.
the weird band that was playing..the weird band that was playing..
the weird band that was playing.. scrapers of the city behind.
random slug..random slug..
random slug..

..just random!
city, skyscrapers, and old, skyscrapers, and old trams..
city, skyscrapers, and old trams..

..waiting for the tram.
the city..the city..
the city.. was ok, but not that clean or very 'pretty'!
pinoak court..pinoak court..
pinoak court..

..AKA 'Ramsey Street'!!
han stood outside one of the houses..han stood outside one of the houses..
han stood outside one of the houses..

..we must have looked like weirdos!
Rob on the street..Rob on the street..
Rob on the street.. was much smaller than we thought.
the kennedys..the kennedys..
the kennedys..

..we aren't sure who they all belong to!
boyds house..boyds house..
boyds house..

..he wasn't in!

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