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May 13th 2015
Published: May 14th 2015
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Hello everyone, sorry I haven't blogged, but quite honestly having a rest actually, this travelling really takes it out of you, were exhausted !! So we have, literally been having a rest and doing the usual chores, you know the boring things in life, but must do !! Washing, tidying up, our room at Sue and Brian's looks a lot like a student's room, how that happened I'll never know, it just happened, clothes seem to be all over the place, finding a place to walk without tripping over something is quite a novalty !! When we have visited our nieces, (student dens) we have looked around and thought have they no thought in how they live ? Well hello !!! Here we are, a pair of old middle aged has been's, and we have adapted to their way of living and you know what we love it !! Anyhow yesterday, I walked for an hour to the swimming pool, really needed to swim, so packed a bag, Stu said he was going to cycle, but would pass me on the way to give me some change for the swimming pool, well I cut through all the houses and ended up in a place I didn't want to be, saw Stu on his bike cycling round looking for me, approaching me looking like a mad man on a bike, wanting to know why I was in that part of Melbourne ? I said, I got lost, it happens, I'm on the other side of the world ! Off he goes, like 'Mad Max', I continue walking, wishing I had my camera as I was 'house looking', love the houses out here. Got to the swimming baths, about an hour later, totally exhausted, needed to lie down, but no bed in sight !! but had to get in the pool and do my lengths, 'his highness' was already in there, taking up the whole of the row, so I joined him, pretended I didn't know him !!! I have no idea why, thought it was a good idea at the time. Up and down, did my lengths, very relaxing, then afterwards we decided to walk to Bay Street where all the cafes and bars are, love that street. We had a coffee in my favourite coffee shop, got some shopping and walked back home. I must have walked for 2 1/2 hours altogether, so tired, shows how un-fit I am, must work on that one, however I don't think that's going to happen til I get back to England !! So tomorrow we have Dorothy and Mike flying over from Perth (Mike is Stu and Sue's cousin), we have some things planned so I will blog and let you know what we get up to. Good night from COLD Melbourne ! But not complaining !!


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