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January 19th 2006
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Hey everyone!! finally here and its even better than i expected. Flight felt like it was never ending to be honest, first flight with BA was ok got quite a bit of leg room but because i had the isle seat some and near the where the stewardesses are she kept banging in to me!!! grrr and ended up breaking my screen which i was watching movies on. PRETTY COOL of her. Then as soon as we got off the plane we were escorted to the check in desk and straight to our gate for our next flight which was handy otherwise we probably wouldnt have made the flight. Second flight was good Quantas much better airline in my opinion. Giles got split up from me and harry on the second flight becasue the seat plan was 2 4 2 and he certainly was not impressed. When we arrived in Oz it was grey and overcast was thinking great!! this was at 7.30am when helen and becky met us but then as the day went on the day cleared up and by bout 1 o'clock no clouds left in the sky awsome. The room were staying in is pretty massive so we got loads of room and helen tony beck and rob have been really accomadating. We were trying to be committed and stay up till bout 8 to get in there sleepclock because impossible to sleep on the plane but we just could not hack it. Harry and giles made it to bout 3pm and i made it to 5 till i gave in then woke up bout 8 and greeted with a barbeque which was pretty immense, no shrimps on the barby though so dissapointing. Today it has been hot from the word go. Just incredible no clouds in the sky from about 9am and it has reached 33 which is hot enough especially as we have walked for bout 5 miles round Melbourne. On Sunday everyone is saying its gonna be 41 (freezing) but im sure its just as hot back over there. Today we visited the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and was very impressed fantastic stadium where there just bout to hold the Commonwealth games and it holds 100,000 absolutley huge!! Then tommorow we are off to watch Australia vs South Africa day night match at the telstra dome which should also be pretty amazing!! Then on Sat we are going off the watch the Australian Open (Tennis) which should be gd then on sun might be going to the beach to try and learn to surf!! so all in all pretty rubbish!! If you wanna get in touch and ask me anything or just to say hi just email me through hotmail. Hope your all doing well over there and enjoying yourselves with wotever you are doing

Chaz x x

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21st January 2006

sounds like u guys are having a pretty boring time lol
24th January 2006

Hi glad you arrived safely and wow what a start to your stay - enjoy!! Love Ju and Trev and all X

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