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September 2nd 2010
Published: September 2nd 2010
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So i've decided to write a list of all the difference's between Australia and the UK, from what we've experienced, although some of the differences might only be common in Victoria, for you to get an idea of what it's like here! We should've done this at the beginning as most things we have got used to but when we put our minds to it we thought of quite a few differences!

1. The majority of houses are made out of wood and are only one-storey, although new brick houses are being built
2. They have drive thru coffee and cash points (LAZY)
3. Cars can turn left or right when there is a red light if there are no pedestrians
4. Every cash point charges you unless it is your bank (annoying)
5. Each card has a cheque, savings or credit account which you have to select when buying things
6. Too much salt on their takeaway chips!
7. The magpies are so loud and make weird noises, look more like crows - here's a video of them
8. Pretty much every house has a fence around them
9. There are no dustbin men apart from one guy
who drives the truck, it has an arm that lifts the bins up - we have a photo
10. They have cheaper transport and meat over here (but everything else is so expensive)
11. They love their ute's (disgusting cars, we have a photo!)
12. You can have pretty much anything you want as a number plate
13. They don't have MOT's on their cars - so most people drive death traps!
14. Traffic lights make weird noises, similar to those in Dublin thou
15. The postie's drive motorbikes to deliver letters!
16. They have no coins under 5c
17. When an Australia says something is 'just down the road' they really mean a 3 mile walk (BEWARE)
18. They call pints 'pots' and they are only half pints (not big drinkers like the brits)
19. They love holden
20. They love to put an 'r' in everything they say e.g. parrrsta
21. There's a lot of green grocers and butchers here
22. They make a huge point of stating that a product is Australian Made - which is nearly everything, if it's not made in Australia some people won't buy it!
23. Australian's can barter unlike the brits, if they are paying cash they usually get a better deal!

We've also noticed some words and sayings that are different and kinda weird:

Lollies = Every sweet
Light globe = Light bulb
Grouse = Someone that's good looking
This Arvo = This afternoon
Bogan = Chav
Feral = Trampy person/pikey
September 2 = 2nd September
Red Capsicum = Red Pepper
Snag = Sausage
Slab of beer = Crate of beer
Goon = Cheap boxed wine
Hungry Jacks = Burger King
Macca's = McDonalds
Footie = Australian Rules Football
Soccer = 'Normal' footbal

As you can see quite a few differences, little things we've noticed whilst being here, we also thought about what we miss from back home:

Our family and friends of course, the harvester, giant strawbs, real pork sausages (they have CHICKEN and KANGAROO bangers!), buy one get one free dominoes - the one here doesn't taste the same 😞, unlimited internet (they only have a certain limit our's is 20 GB for a month), half decent television, potato skins from Tesco, a car, cheap food from ASDA - so really we miss food lol!

Hope you enjoyed reading our list of facts, if we find any more Australian Trivia we will update you in another blog. Speak Soon xxx


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