Which would you prefer to be - a peach, a carrot or a cucumber?!

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January 29th 2010
Published: February 1st 2010
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Day 278 - Box Hill North

Having decided to stay just one more day (!) at the Box Hill Resort we are up and about early enough to get the girls breakfast for them plus for Darryl to do their sandwich boxes. While I whiz into the house to see who’s about he darts off to visit his new friend in the bread shop round the corner and get the paper for Grant. By the time he’s back the girls are generally either eating their breakfast or sneaking a quick go on the Wii!

The girls are great entertainment and this morning they pose a question for Anna. “Which would you prefer to be - a peach, a carrot or a cucumber?”! Beautifully random!!

Anna is off to the groomers this morning with little Daisy. She’s a Maltese Shitzu cross and unfortunately her cost has become quite matted and there’s a good chance she’ll come home shaved although we’re all hoping the groomer can somehow work wonders and avoid doing that.

We’re still battling away with the creation and upload of the blogs but this morning we manage to get another five onto the website to go with our catch up of four yesterday! I didn’t get to do much else today unfortunately, it was almost like being back at work and strapped to the laptop.

Darryl is hovering, making beds and generally being the perfect house husband this morning. Anna’s booked herself an appointment with the doctors as she just can’t shake off the sore throat she’s picked up, looks like she has a virus of some sort.

The trauma is not helped when she goes to pick up ‘powder puff’ puppy Daisy (seen here two days ago ) and returns with a ‘cotton bud’! Poor Daisy needed her coat to be shaved off and although she doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by her shaven looks, Anna is devastated. Henry however (number one dog in the house), is loving every minute of not having to wade through lots of fur to get to Daisy!

The rest of the day was taken up with the arrival of Grant & Anna’s new ‘i-phones’ which Grant and I played around with for a few hours, we managed to suss most things and soon had the contact lists updated and some new ringtones for different people.

The visit to the doctors proved that Anna does indeed have a virus so she’s now on antibiotics and hopefully will be a whole load better by the morning.

Shaven Daisy gave the girls quite a shock when they got home from school! “Amy has a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Amy has a little lamb whose fleece is what as snow” was the new song of the day!

Grant cooked up super burgers for tea, which were indeed super and I spent some time working out how to create a Geocache for the girls. We’re moving on from ‘just’ finding the geocaches to creating one for others to find and we’ve got quite a few ideas but more will be revealed tomorrow!

Another film kept us entertained tonight, Public Enemy, which is another reasonable film although quite tough to follow.

There’s a chance we might actually be leaving tomorrow, not til the afternoon and it’s only a slight possibility - we’ll see how the day pans out.

Dar and Sar


2nd February 2010

Very cute puppies!
They look like the pups we have back home.
2nd February 2010

Daisy the Little Lamb!
Poor Daisy but she'll be better for having a trim I'm sure and it will all grow back soon! xxx Mum K

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