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January 26th 2010
Published: January 29th 2010
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Day 275 - Rye to Box Hill

A beautiful sound wakes us up this morning, children playing Rummikub! Charlotte, Amy, Georgia and Ethan are having a great time playing and then all of a sudden a familiar sound comes over the air waves ‘Errrrrrrrrrr’ which is the time’s up buzzer sound that we make when somebody is taking too long on their go!!! We’ve taught them well!!

The morning after the night before is rarely a pretty one and now we can hear the clinking of bottles being cleared up. We shoot out of bed, trying not to wake sleeping beauty (Jordan) who must have snuck in during the early hours.

We find Bill is already up and starting to wade through the empties strewn around the outside eating area. Crikey, we’d got through a few! The game board was still on the table and troops were still in position so either they didn’t finish or somebody folded. The unwritten rule of the game is that you don’t walk away from an unfinished game so we suspect somebody has thrown in the towel, turns out it was Jordan. James reigns supreme!

It doesn’t take long to clear up outside then we start on the kitchen which we blast through with no dramas. The poor dishwasher is getting some heavy usage but it’s doing well! Slowly but surely the house comes to live and there’s soon a cooked breakfast on the go which fixes pretty much everyone.

We all got stuck into vacuuming, cleaning and made a general effort to put the beach house back together! We’ve had a great time down here again, we’ve still not totally explored the area but we hope to return before we head home to the UK. Bill very kindly invited us out on the yacht again today but we declined as we have every intention of getting back on the road and head back into South Australia so time is of the essence. We thank Bill and Helen for having us in their lovely home and tease James about a return ‘Risk’ match before we leave the country (a little smirky smile suggests he might consider it!).

We take a different route home to Box Hill, out towards Red Hill which is an area Bill & Helen have suggested we explore at some point, it really does look beautiful.

Somehow the journey home manages to change our minds about when we should get back on the road, it’s quite late on when we arrive so we decide to stay for the night and dive in the freezing cold pool with the girls so Charlotte can use her underwater camera for the first time.

We were all so shattered that when Marty, Jo and their beautiful girls Jasmine and Caitlin came round me and Anna were struggling to string sentences together! We enjoyed a lovely dinner though, cooked by Grant of course and the girls played nicely together on the Wii but when they all left the rest of us flopped into bed! Shattered, shattered, shattered.

Dar and Sar

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