2019 : Paris, Poland, and Portugal....plus all the stops in between. Six weeks out of a suitcase.

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August 14th 2019
Published: August 14th 2019
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It’s come time to venture out on a trip to Europe again, the main objective being to attend our son Tim’s wedding ( hi Natalia).

We fly out in a few days, providing things have settled down in Hong Kong long enough for our Cathay Pacific plane to touch down, and the onward flight to take off. We’re hopeful.

After a few nights in Paris, we are travelling to Dijon for 2 nights, Ribeauville - I have to look that word up every time I use it - for 4 nights, before driving ( did I mention Tim joins us in Dijon with a car ) to Luxembourg for a night.

On 28th of August, we fly to Wroclaw, Poland for the wedding, and to spend some time taking in the local attractions. On 3rd of September we fly to Portugal, travel by train north into Spain and head back to Luxembourg, via Frankfurt, on the 19th of September .

The 9 day stay in Luxembourg will include an overnight trip to Bruge and maybe Ghent, but is mainly to visit the newly weds before returning to Paris and heading home.

You will probably receive regular updates as we move around, but if you don’t want them, just delete them.

It’s funny, I looked down the list of subscribers to this blog- it doesn’t take long- and there’s people who I connected with on other trips, friends and acquaintances who asked to be on it, and long suffering family members who really have no choice. Some of those listed were never on my radar and just landed in my life at the right time. This year has been turbulent, with health issues in the family that have placed stress on everyone, and certainly makes you appreciate every day, and enjoy the trips that we can take. With everything going on, we are still unusually lucky.

Blogging is an interesting exercise. It’s a wind down at the end of the day for me, a diary of the trip, but some people like it as a way to follow what we’re up to, and it’s cheaper than the morning newspaper. With no fake news. The downside is you can’t wrap up the garbage in it.

I’ll kick it off in Paris, and just see where it goes from there.



14th August 2019

Enjoy the trip. Sounds great. Looking forward to the narration of the trip.
14th August 2019

Thanks Judy
I better pack a bag. We fly out tomorrow.
14th August 2019

Have a wonderful time,we look forward to hearing about your adventures
15th August 2019

Thank you!
You know a bit of you travels with us on this trip. You certainly took one aspect of stress out of the equation and we are oh so appreciative.
14th August 2019

As one of your few faithful Followers...
I will enjoy your blogs! They are indeed an interesting exercise.
15th August 2019

Thanks Bob.
There will be no long distance walking on this one but I’m looking forward to going away with Sue, catching up with the folks in Europe and just experiencing as much as we can. I followed some of your most recent blogs and I’ve got to say, you’ll never die wondering ( I hope that means something to you and isn’t just an Australian thing). You’ve led an amazing life. Great to hear from you.

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