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April 21st 2008
Published: April 21st 2008
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this was our first stop! really pretty
Hi Everyone!

This past weekend my friends Nichole, Brenna, Woody and Smidie and I went to Smidie's parents beach house in Anglesea. Anglesea is right by the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. We got up there Friday night, watched a footy game on TV, then went to bed kind of early. TOO BAD I COULDN'T SLEEP THOUGH. Woody snores and talks in his sleep, LOUDLY. It was a while before I could fall asleep, oh well. The next day we woke up, made banana pancakes for breakfast (YUMMY...WOW), got in the car, and started driving.

We stopped in Lorne, which is one of the first towns on the Great Ocean Road. It has a really nice strip of bakeries, juice bars, little boutiques and restaurants right by the beach. I got some tasty juice and we all walked around. We went into a couple really really cute places. It gave me some ideas for the store I want to open one day 😊 But everything was pretty expensive so I stuck to buying the juice and nothing else. Proud of me Dad? Hahaha. We kept driving for a bit, and decided to pull over on the side of the road to look for koalas. We found them! A bunch of them were up in trees eating and sleeping, pretty much all koalas do. It was actually almost exactly the spot that we stopped on our Great Ocean Road and Grampians tour during Easter Break. We went exploring in the woods a bit, got some good pictures, and headed on our way. We stopped a little later in Apollo Bay for some dinner. We noticed the sun was starting to get lower in the sky and we were absolutely determined to see the 12 Apostles at sunset, so we shoved the food in our mouth and ran off. We were about an hour and a half or so from the Apostles so it was go time. We ended up being unlucky and getting behind some really really slow cars during the drive. There are plenty of opportunities for slower cars to pull over to give way for the faster cars, but this one just would not budge. He had about 5 cars behind him! I don't think he knew he had a rear view mirror. After about 15 minutes of all of us getting angry at this guy, he
cool shades huh?cool shades huh?cool shades huh?

i found smidie's gramma's sunglasses and borrowed them for the day :)
finally pulled off and all the cars behind him were very happy. We got to the 12 Apostles right as the sun was setting, so we ran over to see it and ended up getting there at the perfect time. It was beautiful! I've seen pictures of it at sunset and they didn't even do it justice. We took plenty of pictures there and stayed around til the sun was gone. Then on the walk back to the car (Woody's car is named Maeby- prounounced Maybe- and this was her first road trip!) MY FLIP FLOP BROKE...these are my favorite flip flops, and they can't be fixed 😞 I was very sad.

It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive back to Anglesea and we made it back by 10pm. After we got back we just hung otu and chatted for a while, then went to sleep. I GOT TO SLEEP IN A DOUBLE BED!! It was amazing, it felt great. I haven't slept in anything bigger than a single since I left home. Now the next thing on my list is taking a bath when I get to Sydney! We left around 10 Sunday morning to head back here and got back to La Trobe by about 12 or so. It was a really cool trip. Nice and relaxing. I think the best part of this blog will be the pictures, they're fabulous. So, I'll stop babbling and let you check them out 😊

PS- Dad told me that the West family has FINALLY been able to access my blog! Hi guys! Love you so much!

and of course I love everyone else too 😊 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! You'll be getting a card from me soon, don't worry! xoxo


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smidie and woodysmidie and woody
smidie and woody

hanging out in Maeby
we made it! we made it!
we made it!

how amazing is that?
woody trying to shove mewoody trying to shove me
woody trying to shove me

on the way back from the apostles

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