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May 16th 2007
Published: May 16th 2007
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Hi all,

We're glad to meet you all (hoping that you are too ....) .

Executive Summary (For the ones that has no power to read it all) : Tasmania is the most beautiful place in the world . Bruni Island has the potential to be the best place in tasi however it's a damn little hole .

We finished our story the last time on cradle mountain after a few hours in the rain, with no camera but with a great feeling of satisfaction after beating the mountain . However, the mountain was so upset that he gave us rain and ugly weather for the next days . The atmosphere in the campervan was ... wet . We continued west from cradle to a place called Strahn, a lovely place in the summer (As some one said) but a very dull city in the Autmn . However we slept in a park on which we were the first Israelis ever (The manager didn't know how to spell Israel ...) .

From there we continued to lake st. Clair (the southern side of cradle) . We were men with mission - To photo Platipus . We're sorry to report that the platipus is a myth, there is no animal like this and all the signs that point to it must be removed .

From there we went to the sun . An interesting point is that the weather in tasi works different than in Australia . As you got north (and especially west) the weather gets worst . As you go south (closer to the south pole) it gets better . This definatly requires another mission for us in the future (If sombody is willing to fund it please contact us).

Without planning we arrived to a national park called Mt. field (or as Elad said to someone in the way - Mt. something) . We slept there in one of the nicest carvan parks we had, we literarly slept with the wallabies . On the next morning we went to a place called Platipus lake, and again we confirmed out assumption that this animal is a myth .

Afterwards we went to a place called Tauni forst on which you walk on a bridge at the highet of the tree tops . We got there at 16:05 when it closed at 16:00 (and here the phrase - "Falling pen" is not just a phrase) . We sat there bommed when a very nice australian family came and told us we can do it without paying the fees (For all the australian reading this post, and were educated to snitch to the goverment, we have the names of those who adviced us this and we'll give them in exchange for pardon) .

The next day we took the ferry to Bruni . Bruni is an island in the south east part of Tasi . As written at the begining it has a potential of being heaven, just don't try and look for internet when there is a fire next to the online center, the cafe is doing maintanance, and the only computer you fined has 28.8 kbs link . It was hell . However, we saw amazing things like penguins, white wallabies, and wild goose (like aka in Neils holgerson) .

We're writing this post from Melbourne, we returned to Rafi & Yona for a couple of days, and tomorrow we're picking another campervan (exactly the same kind) for the next stage of the trip . We plan on going from Melbourne through the great ocean road to Adeliad, and from there to Alice Springs .

Last but not list, We really enjoy reading all your comments and massages, please let us know that were not writing into a crowd consists mainly out of horny chinese .

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