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April 17th 2017
Published: April 17th 2017
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The "new" trailer at home.The "new" trailer at home.The "new" trailer at home.

A 7X4 builders trailer is our starting point before we start making mods to suit the kayaks.
Since returning from our previous adventure, we have been thinking about what we might do next. After careful consideration, we decided to add a trailer to the bus and put kayaks on top. A tinny with a small outboard motor was a consideration early on but getting it off and on the trailer was an issue and there seemed to be lots of rules about licenses with each of the different states having different regulations. So kayaks seemed like the best idea.

We had some minor issues with the amount of "stuff" that we had inside the bus on our last trip. The walkway was sometimes a little congested and it usually meant that we had to "unload" the bus when we stopped to have easy access to all parts of our home away from home. Of course, it rarely rained so this wasn't a problem other than moving "stuff" around.

A trailer would allow us to rearrange what was inside the bus and put some of the more bulky or less necessary things in the trailer.

The other benefit of the trailer is yet to be tested, however it is our intention to carry extra supplies of the necessary items (like water and gas) so we can rely less on caravan parks.

More about the kayaks soon.


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