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April 8th 2017
Published: April 29th 2017
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Having made the decision to buy two single kayaks (rather than one tandem kayak) and having researched the topic of kayaks for some weeks, we were pretty much decided on what the plan was.

We would aim to buy a second hand Seabird Discovery (and check it out and then confirm it was what we wanted) and then buy another kayak of the same model (possibly new).

Of course there were plenty of second hand Seabird Expeditions available locally (some very cheap) but the Seabird Discoveries all seemed to be interstate. Finally, we came across some Discoveries locally but the opportunity came and went. One was too expensive, one seemed right but we found out it was damaged and one we missed by just a short time.

After that amount of bad luck, we finally got some good luck with the local dealer having a sale on kayaks and kayak gear.

We took the bus out to Cambridge and picked up a new Seabird Discovery. There was a choice of colours so we decided on one of each. A green one for Georgi and a red one for Lenny. The green one would be called Kermit and the red one would be named Ferrari!

We had measured the inside of the bus earlier and we knew that the kayak would fit, but getting the kayak in the back door involved tilting the kayak on its side (the boat is quite wide), sliding it over the bed and then down in to the walkway all the way forward until the bow sat on the engine cover between the two front seats! The kayak is much bigger than you think when you see it inside the bus.

Hopefully, it won't have to sit in the bus too long.


23rd July 2019

Its a Long Trip....
28 Months... wow I been to 20 to 30 days trip i though its become a very long trip... but you break the record indeed... what kayak you're using? inflatable I think : (Explorer K2)
30th July 2019

A kayak in there
Thanks Chris, these kayaks are Seabird Discoveries - we like them. We hope to be heading to the Murray Darling soon and spending a few months kayaking one of Australia's most iconic rivers.

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