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November 2nd 2013
Published: November 2nd 2013
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Our visit to Hobart, Tasmania was wonderful. It certainly is the highlight for me - I've always been fascinated with Tasmania and just so excited to have finally seen it. We went for a small tour of the city and then to an old settlement called Richmond which has the oldest bridge in Australia and an old convict prison since the island was a penal colony. We also visited a wildlilfe preserve and saw wombats, koalas (sleeping) and even lots of devils (which only have a bad rep because of their very screechy yells when threatened), but are cute as anything in real life. We also saw lots of kangaroos including one that had a 9-month old joey in her pouch! Had a great walk through an old section of Hobart in the afternoon and saw a chocolate shop and milk bar (for the ladies and kids that weren't allowed in pubs). What an outstanding place.

To we're at sea again and I'm presently listening to our didgeridoo player performing again as I'm writing this. It is an awesome instrument and Walt took a didgeridoo lesson yesterday and the player said he was doing pretty well - Walt finally got some good sounds coming out of it. He'd tried once before at the RenFest in Larkspur and got nothing out of it. He said it's much better when there's someone helping who knows what he's doing!

Tomorrow we reach New Zealand - we're disembarking some people who are taking an overnight trip through some of the highlands of South Island and meeting the ship again day after tomorrow. On the ship we will be cruising through what they call the Fjordlands of New Zealand and Milford Sound. And it's supposed to be very cold.

We been sailling through some pretty gray days and slightly choppy seas - what it feels like to be drunk when you having been drinking!

More later!


2nd November 2013

What an awesome day! We look forward to all the snaps and more tales. Hey, do they have mini didgeridoos (like the old grade school tonette musical instrument) that would fit easily for a souvenir for Walt? I know he'd be playing it in no time! By the way, good job Walt! Are the devils fast runners? Did they spin? Probably not... How is their chocolate? (yum, chocolate!) I would expect more like European chocolate. Your trip just gets better and better. Enjoy New Zealand!

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