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October 5th 2005
Published: October 15th 2005
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Old HomesteadOld HomesteadOld Homestead

This is where previous generations of Peter's family lived in Mt Bryan East
Dan, Poppa and I headed out to Mt Bryan East to clean the drinking troughs for the sheep and to help unblock a pipe that went under the road.

Dan says ....

I was in the shed with Dad, getting the sheep ready to be shorn, when Poppa called me to come with him on a drive. So I climbed into the ute with Mum. The ute was loaded up with tools for the job - but I didn't know what they were for.

The drive was bumpy, because we were in the country (heh that rhymes!). I tried to take a photo of Mount Bryan - but Mum told me that it wasn't - I was aiming at the Razorback, a rocky outcrop near Mount Bryan.

When I saw the old Quinn homestead at Mount Bryan East, I thought 'I wonder how long that has been standing for?' I saw lined up rocks around the house and Poppa said that it was the remains of an old fence.

Cleaning the troughs - that was a bit gross!! (lets make that very gross!). I saw blood worms squiggling in the water and all sorts of bug larvae and green gooey algae growing on the bottom, sides and even floating on the top. I had to scoop out the buggy water and clean out the algae with some wire. Clean water came and filled up the trough automatically.

The next job was to clear a pipe that ran under the road. Poppa used a thin strong wire and pushed it into the pipe. When he hit something he pulled it back and then pushed it very hard to knock it off. My job was to wait at the other end of the pipe and watch to see when the wire made it out.

On the way back Poppa showed us where the Heysen trail was and we hope one day to walk it. We saw some kangaroos on the way back as well.

The joke:

Q. What kind of bees make milk?

A. Boobees

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Trough at Mt BryanTrough at Mt Bryan
Trough at Mt Bryan

This is the site for the trough cleaning with Mt Bryan (the 3rd highest peak in the State of South Australia) in the background

The trough is automatically fed by a tank of water that is filled with bore water drawn up by a wind mill. As the water level drops, more water is released from the tank.
Sheep movementSheep movement
Sheep movement

Sheep are allowed to enter the new paddock with fresh watering troughs.
Air photoAir photo
Air photo

We got this from Google Earth - a looking at Earth system.

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