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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Bryan October 6th 2007

Peter, Dan and I went to Mt Bryan last weekend to attend Kym's 50th birthday celebrations on the Sunday. On the Saturday, the boys went out on sheep duty with Tom and I decided to make my own walk around the homestead. I was only out for about 2 hours and took a few pictures as I walked near the Razorback at Mt Bryan. There are not many trees in this area and according to the original maps the country has always been grassland. The trees that you can see dotting the horizon in the 'Start' photo were planted by Peter and I on Boundary road. We actually planted a lot of trees in this area (pre-Dan) and it is nice to visit them and see how much they have grown. Thanks to those who helped ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Bryan April 9th 2007

The Hikers spent some time with family during Easter and exploring parts of the mid North and Riverland. Our first stop was Burra and a visit to the copper mine. We then headed to Quinn central to see Peter's family. One of our drives included a visit to the first wind turbine built at Hallett. There was also millions of hoppers around that were really easy to catch. We drove a little further and did the well-marked, but short Forest walk in the Bundaleer forest. After all the dryness of the countryside it was quite remarkable to be surrounded by so much green. Our home trip was via Morgan - to see just our slow the flow of the Murray had become - it was barely a trickle. One of our river crossings we were treated ... read more
Hallet wind farm
Bloke talk
Hopper hunt

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Bryan August 6th 2006

Introduction This week's walk was a long, hard but very rewarding one. We walked a part of the Heysen trail that starts on the Mount Bryan East road, goes up and over the highest peak in the Mount Lofty Ranges and then down into the town of Hallet. It look us 4 1/2 hours with several breaks. This one is for fit and experienced walkers. How to get there Mount Bryan is North of Burra, which is about 2 hours North of Adelaide. Take highway 32 towards Broken Hill. About 10 km south of the town of Hallett (just after the H 10 sign) there is a cross road at which you make a right hand turn. Follow this road about half way round the mountain until you see a sign on the fence on the ... read more
Dan getting a head start
Follow the fencelines (looking east)
Following the fences

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Bryan January 5th 2006

Since our last visit to Mount Bryan things have certainly become more golden as the crops ripen and become ready for reaping. On Tuesday evening an enormous header appeared and stripped the grain in ‘number 1’ paddock. By about midnight the paddock was finished and the workers retired until tomorrow. Dan says … I had a ride in the harvester. Matt was driving. It was like I was a little man helping an evil villain to drive his evil instrument of torture (for wheat). Inside the harvester it was like being in a computer room. There were lots of buttons and levers and computer screens which told the driver how many times the big comb had turned. The small seat that I sat in was a massage seat - I was so relaxed I barely knew ... read more
The view up the road
Bins arrive
Dan's ride in the harvester

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Bryan January 3rd 2006

During our visit to Mt Bryan we were treated to a historical tour of the area by Jim Quinn (Dan's Grandfather). This entry shares what we found out. The Quinn family migrated to Australia from Ireland in 1853 and have resided in South Australia ever since. The family homes have been around Mt Bryan, progressively moving in a clockwise direction around the mountain. Dan’s Great Grandfather on the Quinn side of the family spent the first 8 years of his life in a little house 8 miles north from Mount Bryan (section 662). His name was Thomas James Quinn (born 20/9/1892 at Mount Bryan East, died 9/4/1975 Burra). He lived with his parents William Henry Quinn (born 2/11/1861 at Princess Royal Station, south of Burra, and died 6/10/1948 Burra) and Anne O’Mealley (born 8/7/1865 Kapunda, died ... read more
The ruins of the original homestead
Box thorns, plough and shed
At  the birthplace of Great-Grandfather Thomas

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Bryan October 6th 2005

We started our Spring holiday with a few days at Mount Bryan. As you can see it was shearing time again and this year's lambs were in for their first 'short back and sides'. The sheep were trucked in from 'Ebberhards', and the lambs separated from their mums for shearing. Tom shore, Debbie was classing, Sam and Dan were helping out. Jim was working the sheep. Peter did pressing (using a press to pack the wool into bales) and even shore a few. Dan says ... Boy you need to be tough to work in the shearing shed! My job was brushing the sheep to get out any muck before shearing. I had to sit on the sheep to stop it from moving. When I had finished brushing I shouted out "Next!". That is when Dad ... read more
Sheep waiting to be shorn
The shearing shed
Dan, Sam and Peter

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Bryan October 5th 2005

The title of this blog came from something Peter said as we arrived at Mount Bryan to stay for a few nights with his parents, Jim and Rosemary. The Mount Byran valley was truely gorgeous with its Spring-time colours in full force. In October, the Canola is in flower and the contrast between the blue of the sky and the yellow of the canola can be an assault to the eye!! The wheat also looked stunning in a glistening shade of blue-green . The boys were doing their sheep shearing stuff so took a morning off to capture some of this beauty. To be honest, Peter had challenged me to get a "weather photo" suitable for submission to Channel 2 news, but I am not sure I made it. Perhaps a new camera is in order.... ... read more
Wheat fields
Shed in Canola crop

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Bryan October 5th 2005

Dan, Poppa and I headed out to Mt Bryan East to clean the drinking troughs for the sheep and to help unblock a pipe that went under the road. Dan says .... I was in the shed with Dad, getting the sheep ready to be shorn, when Poppa called me to come with him on a drive. So I climbed into the ute with Mum. The ute was loaded up with tools for the job - but I didn't know what they were for. The drive was bumpy, because we were in the country (heh that rhymes!). I tried to take a photo of Mount Bryan - but Mum told me that it wasn't - I was aiming at the Razorback, a rocky outcrop near Mount Bryan. When I saw the old Quinn homestead at Mount ... read more
Trough at Mt Bryan
Dan scoops out the dirty water

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Bryan October 5th 2004

Mt Bryan is 2 hours north of Adelaide and is grazing and cropping country. We went to see our family at shearing time. ... read more
working the pens
the shearing shed
classing the wool

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