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December 23rd 2007
Published: December 23rd 2007
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*Update* Still cant get the video's uploaded from the cricket...

We wish everyone a Jolly Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Its (hopefully) our last day in Adelaide today with high hopes of getting in a car tomorrow starting the journey to Sydney. There have been a couple of hickups with this though.. First our crew for the ride have cancelled one by one leaving only us and the car's owner doing the journey. Secondly, Carolina has at the moment a food poisoning of some sort and cant get out of bed as Im writing this. If she doesnt feel better tomorrow, we have to bail out too and find some other way of travelling to Sydney and another place to stay as backpackers we are in at the moment is closing down for xmas. But You'll find out about all of this on the next blog entry probably after New Year's.

What have we done in the mean while here in Adelaide to spend our time... Hmm, not much. Just to put this on the record, We like Queensland FAR better than South Australia. Every place in Qld was much nicer and the weather was just that much better. Hopefully New South Wales and Victoria are going to kick South Australia's arse in comparison. But back to the point. Worth mentioning of what we've done is, hmm, oh yeah, We went to see a cricket test(=match) between Australia and New Zealand. Ha ha, what a waste of human beings' time the "sport" is. And imagine that I was really really excited to go and have a colonnial experience with this sport... Now I knew that it was going to be booring, but it blew me away how booring it really IS! No offense to cricket fans, but, or nevermind that, Offense to all the cricket fans,


There is one man, the bowler, who takes his time to run a 10 to 40meter way to bowl a ball to a batter who usually just tries to hit but not far, because that would be too risky eventhough it would bring you more points. Than the ball is thrown back to the bowler who takes his time again to walk back and start this all over again. I timed the time between two bowls and the shortest time I got was 45 seconds and the longest well over 3 minutes. And this when the batter didnt hit the ball... We went to the Test when it started, lasted 2hours, went to eat at the city and went back to the Test 3hours later and stayed for 3hours just to be sure it was a waste of time. Then we walked home convinced this was the most useless sport the earth has seen. Even the dumbest sport that Finland is know for, the Wife carrying contest, is more thrilling to watch! The only reason Ive heard people say they love watcing cricket is 'cause it gives them a reason to drink all day while watching it, but there were loads of people at the stadium that didnt drink a single drink... Just watch the videos Ill post here and you'll get the point. The other one was a highlight of the game with the Australia's #1 athelete(how on earth he got that stature...) Ricky Ponting hit a century which was a hundred points..... It made the crowd wild as you can see.....

Otherwise we have just tried to not spend money and walk around seeing sights such as the Botanic Gardens and some churches... Yeah its been quite booring but we know that Sydney and New Year there will be worth the wait.

Umm, I guess that's it for now, we loove ya all and you will be in our thoughts during this xmas 😊 Jani & Carolina

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