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March 1st 2009
Published: March 1st 2009
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Yesterday we spent in Adelaide. When we looked out our window in the morning all we could see were acres of a green tarp roof with two holes cut in the middle out of which huge Norfolk Pines were growing. It turned out to be a holding lot for cars that had been shipped there. And the tarp was protecting them from sea spray, hail, and bird poop. Baxter could have taken a lesson from whoever built that lot: not every tree must come down!

The huge Damond Princess was also in port in front of us. We looked like its dinghy trailing behind.

The port was almost an hour by bus from the city which reminded me in size of Minneapolis. A nice blend of 1850s and modern architecture, though. We didn't do much besides wandering the shopping area, especially a store like Dayton's with really beautiful clothes. The clothes even in the cheap stores here have such good quality fabrics. And we love all the pleated skirts. I hope they become popular at home. Everyone sure is wearing them here.

I finally managed to get a phone call through to Bill, the first I've talked to anyone at home.

Today and tomorrow are days at sea before we get to Albany. We are going through an area called the Australian Bight which is notorious for being rough. We are bouncing around more than usual, but it's not too bad...yet.


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