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February 12th 2011
Published: July 10th 2013
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My thoughts at 1.18 am 13.02.2011:

So, the countdown has begun - only 2.5 hours until I'm on the airport flyer and only 8 hours left in the country. I'm pulling an all nighter so hopefully I can sleep on the bus/plane. So far I've been up since 9 am so that makes it ... Ok not long at all. I'll update when I have a more impressive number. Sure this can back fire - I could possibly not be in a bed until 11pm tonight meaning over 24 hours awake (never good when combined with a different country, travel, different language, overly emotional individual).

Surprisingly I don't feel emotional, rather I feel all cried out (semi-dehydrated from said crying) and pretty eager to just get over there so it can begin already! Don't get me wrong, I haven't said goodbye to my family yet, so I'm yet to see how my water proof mascara is going to hold up. I think the reason for this 'emotional detachment' is simply that I'm not saying 'goodbye' I'm saying 'see ya later'. A year is 365 days, out of 22 years (almost 23) in the broad scheme of things is not t really very much. Really just a drop in the ocean, a needle in a haystack, a grain of sand on the beach, a wheat grain in a silo, a freckle on a rangas face... You get it 😉

Today has been magnificent, a few shout outs JUST from today:

- Jade and Aleisha for their great scrap books, Sugar baby, and hugs
- Simmo for coming along to say goodbye, and chilled out hungover advice about travelling
- My sister Robin for being my chauffeur all day (due to selling my car yesterday) and sharing secrets
- A great phone call from my dad, that I got to share with my sister, and a promise to send me fake tan for my birthday
- Myles for getting me the Sims 3 (and I say that loosely..)
- Little Rach for her beautiful photo, and for promising to be my good old fashioned pen pal!
- Mumsie and Mal-pie for throwing me a family going away gathering, and for also driving me around today
- Cal-mac for helping me hang out my washing, and entertaining/distracting me while I packed
- Nikki for dropping off my shirt instead of making me run there and back to get it!
- All my family and friends who have shared their wisdom with me, wished me well, patted me on the back, shed a tear, and said 'see you in a year'
- My nieces who TOLD me to stay, and asked if a year in China meant I'd be back next week
- James, who I will hopefully be seeing in 5 hours at Bris International Airport!

So to begin with I'm feeling pretty prepared.
Except for this flight business... I've always booked directly with a flight, I've tried to call this kids (Southern China Airlines) but have not had any luck. As in I'm yet to actually speak to someone. Here's hoping I didn't have to check in or confirm 72 hours beforehand.

I will cry if they turn me away.
Take of my clothes.
Throw stuff.
Kick people.
Pull things to the ground.

End up on border security....

Ok so I'll update at the airport (once I know everything's going to be ok.


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