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April 26th 2014
Published: April 26th 2014
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Next stop was Cairns and Port Douglas. We had a night flight so arrived at our hotel at about 6.30am with check in being 2:00pm!! We had a long wait but headed to the beach to watch the sunrise which was pretty special but I was so tired I fell asleep on the beach too, like 2 homeless people lol! We headed up for breakfast and then waited around for our room we had a sleep in reception (yes we looked like tramps lol) then eventually got into our room about 12 as they knew we were waiting and spent the afternoon around the pool.

I straight away loved the place and Brad knew I would, he'd been before and loved it too. We weren't too far away from the town too so were able to go out for dinner, our first night being a Chinese lol! We had a really lovely week chilled out around the pool catching some rays and getting a bit of a tan back! The restaurants in town were all good and we found a cafe we loved for breakfast, think we became regulars to them in the end lol. We also hired a car and went out around Daintree Forest which was unbelievable. Driving around a forest through lanes with waterfalls next to you and stunning views around us we loved it! We stopped for lunch too and sat in a restaurant that literally was in the middle of the rainforest something you can't describe really it's a view I won't ever forget everything we have done has been unreal and I just feel so lucky to have all the memories tucked away forever.

We also went out on the reef which was so cool, we were meant to dive but I freaked out and couldn't do it but brad was obviously fine to do it, unfortunately though he couldn't go down too deep as his ears went and became really sore which was dangerous so he had to come back up. We still got to snorkel though saw so many beautiful colourful fish small and massive!! It's actually something I always wanted to do so felt amazing to be able to say I did it :-).

Towards the end of our time though the weather turned and we actually had a Cyclone come to us! Cyclone ITA....we were lucky as it wasn't as bad as people thought but it meant our flight was cancelled to sydney and we had to stay for a couple of extra nights, literally being locked away in our hotel room for 36 hours. Luckily we did a bit of a shop the day before so had some supplies and the hotel had sandwiches and we luckily got a pizza one day which went pretty quickly! It was a weird experience, a but scary really well the build up was but it didn't feel as bad as expected and thankfully, where we were and everywhere else for that matter wasn't damaged as much as expected. Just lots of leaves and small branches along the street, some trees too but not too bad. We managed to get a flight to sydney 2 days later too so didn't lose out on lots of money with accommodation.

We had 6 days in Sydney before leaving Australia to start the next part of our journey in New Zealand. We got there as Late and William were there so there was a big buzz around the city which was fun. We even saw William. Walking over the bridge at a Darling Harbour they drive underneath us and he was looking out the window with a big Cheshire grin, pretty cool to see him without all the crowds! We spent the week getting ready for New Zealand as we knew it would be cold so got some coats jeans and socks to keep us warm! And I got my Vegas outfits :-)). We also went back to our favourite spot in Sydney, Watsons bay and to our favourite restaurant Doyles for mussels. It was just as good as we remembered and we had a gorgeous day with great views looking over the city with the bridge in the background. It was great to be back in Sydney, I think it's a favourite of ours, somewhere I'd definitely live if it wasn't so far away from all our friends and family!! Our last night was Easter Saturday and we were lucky enough to see fireworks which was such a perfect way to say goodbye to Sydney and Australia! We started at new year with a bang and ended at Easter with a bang, sums up our time in Australia over the last 4 months I'd say! We celebrated a bit too much though and definitely had one too many beverages with an early flight the next day it didn't bode well! But we made it and arrived in New Zealand for a new adventure which I'll update you on as much as possible

Love B&K xxxxxxx


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