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September 9th 2005
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The wavedancerThe wavedancerThe wavedancer

my sail out to the reef
Went out to Low Isles today to do some snorkelling on the reef- had the most amazing time! Got really confused with all the options of different reefs and boats and stuff, and then this nice woman came up to me and told me about this one that she had been on with her family and so I booked it.

It was a sailing boat and it took about an hour to get out to low isles- a tiny little island with a lighthouse on it. I spent most of the time snorkelling which I confess took me ages to get the hang of - I thought I was gonna suffocate at first!!! And I just gave up on the flippers- I swim breaststroke so it just doesnt work! What on earth are they for anyway? It was fine with out them.

Saw so many fish- just like being in an aqarium. Also saw giant clams which were cool but the best bit was swimming with this turtle I found. It was so weird- I felt like I was a fish myself just swimming along beside him. Its amazing none of the wildlife are a bit bothered about you-
Low IslesLow IslesLow Isles

they arent frightened at all- its as if you are invisable. I absolutely loved it. Didnt find nemo though- someone said they had spotted him up near Vietnam...

The island was beautiful aswell- everything you could wish for- it took about 10 mins to walk round and had white (very hot) sand and pelicans and a big lighthouse. Only one person lived there- the ranger. I asked if he needed a wife....

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I love it here!
The lighthouseThe lighthouse
The lighthouse

On the Low Isles

10th September 2005

Great Photos
HI Miss,Just had a great time looking at you photos etc.Did'nt i teach you well!I think you would make a great wedding photograher.So glad your enjoying yourself take care and don't forget to have another Snorkel on me. LOL DAD
10th September 2005

The Beautiful Thames!
I would like to say that watching several of our friends today, blowing up a dingy and then 'sailing' down the Thames was as beautiful a scene as the one you have just described......close but not quite! I have to say they did look like they were having fun though! Sounds like your having a great time! Raining here.... Love Ju xx
31st March 2006

From cold Germany to Low Island ...
... was a great Trip 2004 ... We coming back at 2006 / Dec. in a great State ... and a great Country ... bye Australia.

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