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April 23rd 2010
Published: April 23rd 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Check out the photos.

One question..............


I have told him it is a good look for him, reminiscent of Kevin Webster in 1980's coronation street. Your votes count so please send us a comment :-) Atty I am sure I can count on you to vote Dont Shave :-)

One more thing, it seems that Jeff has found a picture of the Mona Lisa in his pub, he is going to send it to auction and hopes to fund his and Traceys new lifestlye.

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23rd April 2010

shave to support cancer
i reckon, if you shave, do it to support cancer peace sophia
23rd April 2010

oh go the mo.. go the beard see the grizzly ben shenton interepid swaggy of cape york ,, wonder what ever happened to them two nicola turtle catcher and mule skinner , the last of the old time bushies
23rd April 2010

I'll vote when I've finished laughing and picked myself up of the floor. I know you're old Shenton but times have moved on from the 80s. Not a good look.
23rd April 2010

Don't Shave
Well as long as it doesn't get any thicker, then he might start looking a bit mexican :-)
25th April 2010

Shave or No shave
SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE, you are starting to look respectable!!!
28th April 2010

Shave Shave Shave
Shave is a must - or when you get older you will look like dad's moustache all white and stringy LOL - only kidding dad xx
28th April 2010

i think the fonz looks like a big queen! keep it in the name of public humiliation!!
1st May 2010

i think you should keep it.....NO shave it !!! aahhhh keep it !! lol no seriously shave it, you look awful !! haha love u xxxx
1st May 2010

Sorry Nic but I do not like it, shave ,shave,shave
7th May 2010

Don't shave
Grow a big long Gandalf beard.. Become the wizard of the outback, wear grey robes and carry an old branch and tell eveyone its a magical staff

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