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August 2nd 2010
Published: September 27th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

I asked Mum to go back to Australia for my birthday this year... so we did! My birthday was very good fun. I got some great presents. I got some Starwars lego. I really liked the Merlin disks even though they are a bit scary. I might save them up for Jadan! We now know you shouldn’t watch them late at night or they creep you! We went camping for my birthday with Rhys, Kale, Lennon and Cal. We explored the river at Davies Creek and found some really good waterfalls you could slide down. Cal got a bit creaped out by the hole the first time but he was the bravest and tried out the waterfall slides before we went down them. We had a low sugar party. Only one lolly! Believe it or not, I chose the food for my party!!

Does the person choose the path or the path choose the person? I've been thinking about that a lot and Mum doesn't know the answer. She says better to go where there isn't a path and make one... So we're getting REAL LIFE Facebook in, visiting all our friends here. It's fun to be in the tropics again.

You can see some of the pics of us on the trapeze. Our circus teacher Justine has a friend who works on trapeze. She is a local but she works in Byron now. They bought a trapeze up to Cairns Esplenade for a few months. We got a group from Kassowary Circus to come and do some training there. It was SO much fun!

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