Kookaburras, toad races, and a marriage proposal…

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May 28th 2009
Published: May 28th 2009
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Well, a lot has happened since our last entry. Firstly, as you all may know by now, we got engaged! We’re both really happy and excited and can’t wait to celebrate with everyone in Canada, or else over here when some of you visit us (hint, hint). Other than being busy getting engaged, we’ve also been travelling great distances and encountering local wildlife. We’ll start from the beginni... Read Full Entry

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Quite large actually...
Death AddersDeath Adders
Death Adders

One of several uncomfortable things you might discover in Australia.
Toad races!Toad races!
Toad races!

We didn't make this up.
Massive spiderMassive spider
Massive spider

The size of Adam's hand.
Frog in the toiletFrog in the toilet
Frog in the toilet

One of the two...
Mag Island 040Mag Island 040
Mag Island 040

The lil' guy we found hiding in the roof...

One of the many creatures in the bathroom.

Beautiful colourful birds!

28th May 2009

Megan! I'm officially addicted to your blog! lol. I can't think of a more perfect way to spend a cozy rainy afternoon! It may be raining here, but you make it so easy to escape to the most beautiful warm and sunny paradise through your words and gorgeous photography!!! I could feel my face aglow as I continued to anxiously read the "marriage proposal" chapter!!! So I'm reading along... about the two of you barbequing outside in the beautiful outback of Australia on this gorgeous rustic old boat... listening to the waves crashing... and I'm thinking to myself... oh me oh my!!! It's coming! the proposal's comingggggg! ehhhhhhhhh!!! And what does Meggers do? Of course! finishes the lovely paragraph off most beautifully with the words "we decided we couldn’t think of a better place to be". So than! I'm reading about this most amazing lengthy 4 hour trek in search of the adorable koala!!! And as I'm reading of your broken hearts due to the result of no koala spotings I'm thinking oh boy! hear it comes! Adam's going to turn to Megan and say something like "Baby, there may not be any Koala's around these parts tonight... but I'm looking at something far more rare and... Koala or not! I want you by my side... but NOPE! left hanging once again! And than! I'm reading about the Curlews!!! and your hilarious depiction of their painfully distinctive calls! and I'm thinking... "Hunny, these birds sound like screaming children... but all I can think about is how nothing in life is too painful with you by my side... NOPE again!!! lol... when when when??? how how how??? where where where??? details Megaboo! us hopeless romantics need details!!!

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