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July 18th 2017
Published: July 21st 2017
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Home at last.

What an incredible experience the last five weeks have been in China…though arriving home and seeing the family was awesome, I was so excited and tears came to my eyes when I saw my mum and brother.

It was a little weird to look around and see the streets filled with western people and to hear everyone speaking English and of course I kept going to say things like thank you in Chinese without realising. No one was staring at you or secretly taking pictures or videos of you…we are no longer like celebrities and I have to admit I might miss the attention a bit. The streets are really quiet here in Cairns compared to China, not so much hustle and bustle and what seems like craziness in the traffic.

When we stepped off the plane from Hong Kong to the Gold Coast the fresh air was soooooooooo nice! After experiencing the air in China, you really appreciate the air in Australia! I definitely miss Chinese food already, I thought I would be sick of rice when I came home, but I love it even more! On our first night home we attempted to make some of our favourite Chinese dishes for mum, but it didn’t really taste anything like them. There are so many stories to tell people when you get home; you just talk about all of your experiences whether they were good, bad, weird etc., 24/7.

Getting back into reality is something I didn’t necessarily want to do, it was quite difficult adjusting to normality after doing something so UNREAL, but I have so many AMAZING, FUNNY, WEIRD, CRAZY memories I can always look back on!

The whole trip seems like a dream now, like it never actually happened…I guess that explains how INCREDIBLE it was!!



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