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September 12th 2006
Published: June 23rd 2017
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Left at 9.30. Went to spotlight to buy two beach towels then to Movie World. Even though we had pre-purchased our tickets via RACV, we still had to queue up for about 40 minutes to get the proper tickets and our photos stuck on the back of tem (for the three day pass).

We went. We saw. We left. I have no idea the order of events.

Shrek 4D Brilliant. Big theatre Plenty of seats . seats moved with the movie(running like a horse, bumping over things etc) In movie Donkey sneezed - all over us (courtesy of a small hole in the seat in front of us!!) Also had spiders crawling over our feet. Really enjoyable.

Road Runner Roller Coaster - very mild! Mel and i went on this twice. 1st time she cracked it - only worth going on it if you're at the front. 2nd time I asked if we could wait our turn and go in first place. That made Mel happy!! I even got her to let go and hold her hands in the air!!

Looney Tunes River Ride - Deceptive. We walked into the 'walking tour' of a studio set. It wasn't in production as Bugs had dug a hole and left - filming couldn't go ahead!! Off we all walked and finally came across the boat that took us (about 16 people) through a water course to find Bugs. Tree almost fell on us. Same with a boulder. Waterfall stopped just before we went under it. Our boat then moved upwards then sent us on a roller coaster ride with a splash at the end. At least being 2nd seat from the front we were shielded from splashes!!

Looney Tunes Village - Not for us!!! 6yrs and under here.

Police Academy Stunt Show

Brilliant. Funny. Loud, Hot (when helicopter exploded on impact) driving was amazing. Spinning car around and parking (backing up???) it in one move. Chose people from the audience to help. when one guy fell off roof, i worked out it had been set up!! (other three were proper audience members)

Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster

first couple of times we walked passed, it showed a sign saying "wait of over 60 minutes" or "90 minutes". FORGET THAT. Finally went passed when it said 45 minutes. we went a queued up. After 10 minutes or so of waiting we were ushered out - ride closed. Very off-putting!! We walked passed 30 minutes later and it had no line waiting. Peter not so keen now to go on ride but I convinced/made him!! Pete and Mel sat together in the back, i was in the front.(only 4 seats). Off we went - reasonably tame. few sharp bends but like wow. Then ride stopped. we sat and sat (all of 10 or 20 seconds) then suddenly went up. ride backed up and went backwards on roller coaster. Stopped. we were spun 180 then went on a huge rollercoaster ride from about three storeys high to ground level - with strobes going whole time. fantastic.

Superman Escape

45 minute wait. Mel and i went on whilst Peter wandered and waited. Bit much for him!! We got 1st seats in 2nd car. Another ride that was very tame. "earthquake hit'. we only saw after effects of it. Road caved in with 2 police cars on their ends down the hole. then superman comes along and pushes us to safety (funny word knowing what is coming up next) I knew the ride went up and down but it felt like it went up and down and curvy. Scary. I could see Mel starting to freak but there wasn't much I could do - couldn't hold her hand or anything. I spoke - don't know if she heard "put your head back, you'll be ok" It sent us off at 100km/ph. Very fast. Mel was white when we got off and very unsure. Waited an hour or so then asked her again. She thought it was great!

the Official Matrix Exhibit

Peter went in to this whilst Mel and I wandered.


we walked through a few shops( There were SO MANY shops with souvenirs - more than I expected) and bought some knick-knacks. Teaspoon for Granny, pen and writing pad for Mel, magnet for Peter, two postcards and a key ring for Stacey.

Didn't go on Lethal Weapon. Don't know if Batman ride open (and don't care) and wild west shut for renovations.

Left about 5pm. was disappointed in the place when I got there but still found lots to do. Supermarket for groceries. home Pies for dinner

** standing outside Scooby Doo, Mel saw Brianna V from her class. She didn't know she was coming to Queensland until her mum picked her up from school. the world is small. Also saw them again in the toilet!!

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