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April 27th 2007
Published: April 27th 2007
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Green mountainsGreen mountainsGreen mountains

"Climbing" in cages in the rainforest.
A lot has happened in the last week here in Surfers Paradise. Ive been on a cruise, a Party cruise that is, been at bbqs & jobhunting and gotten a job as well.

On Saturday we went on a Partycruise ( and had a blast. There a lot of Aussies on board to our surprise and to have fun with Aussies is a total different story than to have fun with other travelers. We drank a lot and it turned out to be a very long night. We actually had to wait almost 2 hours for a cab, and this was a regular Saturday night. I cant imagine how it is on a holiday…

A few days later I went on a job hunt in Surfers. My plan was to go to as many places as I could in one day, drop of my resumes and hope for the best. What happened was a little different. At the third place I was asked to wait and the Manager came and interviewed me and asked when I could start. I was lucky. They were looking for people at the front office right there right at that moment. The hotel

This is taken from Broadbeach, 5k's from Surfers which is behind me.
is Australis Sovereign, (
I worked on Thursday and going back today, and tomorrow and doing an 40 hour week next week. So that turned out well. I guess I found where Ill do my practical training for school.

Later that day we went with Lotte, Lea & Jive to the girls’ workbuddy’s, Jason’s, home for a dinnerparty. It was pretty lame for what I expected but the food was good. The next day Jason took us to the Lamington National Park, where we drove up the Green Mountains and went for a walk on the Tree top Walk. It was pretty fun and they had signs we could climb on the trees. What the signs didn’t say was that the place would be really really crowded with people and the trees had caged latters to climb. The view though was pretty nice and the rainforest is always to walk in. So many birds and animals to see all the time.
We also got to feed some birds. You put seeds where ever you wanted the birds to land and they’d fly to you and eat on you. Too bad there were so many people there, probably because of
Night out at SurfersNight out at SurfersNight out at Surfers

Here we are at a Korean restaurant drinking Korean beer and whisky. From the left: Lea, Lotte, Jive & me.
the national holiday Anzac day, because the birds were well fed by the time we got there. It was fun though.

Im pretty busy the next two weeks with work, which seemed to be pretty much the same as back home with a little differences of course, but Ill try to find a room to rent in Surfers and live a little closer to “life” than I do right now.

Cheers, Jani

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Party Cruise!!Party Cruise!!
Party Cruise!!

The winds on the top deck were so hard I had to try to hang loose just to stay on ;)
Party Cruise!!Party Cruise!!
Party Cruise!!

I survived the winds and had a good time :D
Cocktails & Dreams Cocktails & Dreams
Cocktails & Dreams

This was just one of the many places we were.
Taxi wait...Taxi wait...
Taxi wait...

The night was getting to us, and the wait for the taxi was way tooooooo long!
23 Darel Drive23 Darel Drive
23 Darel Drive

My home for a while now.
Who's that Hippie??Who's that Hippie??
Who's that Hippie??

I thought I found an interesting snake of some sorts on the ground but it turned out to be a snail...
Bird feedingBird feeding
Bird feeding

Its actually pretty hard to take a photo of yourself without dropping the bird and the camera.
Lamington National ParkLamington National Park
Lamington National Park

This is the view you get from the top of a tree. Sweeet.

27th April 2007

I knew it!
Jani, I knew you would find a job/internship. Are you close enough to drive to Sidney for your days off? How far north do I have to go to get to the Great Barrier Reef for diving?? Are you having a good time??? Luv, RA and the boys
29th April 2007

Tere serkku, onneksi olkoon työpaikasta. Hmmm, heräsitkö todellakin yksi päivä jo SEITSEMÄLTÄ, uskomatonta. älä tee mitä minäkään en tekisi.......
1st May 2007

Terkut Turusta!
Tervehdys Jani! Onnittelut työpaikasta. Kiva lukee sun edesottamuksista tällä tavalla reaaliajassa. Vaikuttaa kunnon seikkailulta tuo sun reissu. Muista pitää holtti matkassa. Koeta pärjäillä! ps. Eero lähettää myös terveisiä

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