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April 20th 2007
Published: April 20th 2007
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Ive been at Surfers Paradise now for 4 days. The ride from Byron Bay was really nice. I got a cheap ride with Byron Express which is a van that takes about 6 people. The driver was a real surfer and lectured me on the history of surfing. A lot of fun. Im glad I sat in the front seat next to him. He also gave advise to what to do in Surfers. He recommended going to Wet'n'Wild because it is almost as fun as surfing. And since nothing is as fun as surfing, it has to be fun.

Im staying with Julia and Jasper, a danish couple, who accommodate backpackers and students. I found out about this place from Lotte and Lea, the Danes that I met in Forster. They dont have a bed for me, so Im sleeping on a mattress on the living room. For that I pay less money than the others, only $15 a night. That includes food. Nice ha? Other than the Danes, a Korean guy is staying here too. It's not the perfect location, as it is 4km from Surfers. You have to travel by bus, which btw really suck at this town. So Im pretty fed up with them, what can you do?? Move into town and pay double for a room...

Ive been at the beach, the town, the shopping centers and at Wet'n'Wild. The beach is AWESOME! It goes on forever and ever! The bad thing about it has been the wind which just wont stop blowing. The town is focused on its CBD which is nice for a person walking. If you want to go to the shopping centers then you should take a bus, because it is a good walk. On Wednesday we took the bus to Pacific Fair, a huge open air shopping center 4km from Surfers, walked to the beach. Swam a little and decided to walk on the beach to Surfers... An hour and quarter later we got there. We were a bit surprised because when we started it didnt seem that far away... Nice walk anyway on the beach!

Yesturday Lotte, Lea and I went to Wet'n'Wild! It was great fun. A lot like the one's Ive been in Houston and Reno, but a bit bigger and more extreme. Some of the slides were sooooo much fun, you just had to get on them again and again and again and again!!!

I guess all the people Ive traveled with are wondering how sunburned Jani must be after spending days and days on the beach and then at a water park and on an on.. I still havent burned a single time, which Im pretty proud of 😊 Ive remembered to use sunscreen every time Im out in the sun and Im getting a tan. First time in my life, I feel excited :D

Today Lotte and Lea were both working so I headed to Surfers on my own. It's always a little adventure taking the busses here, so I was pretty proud of myself getting where I wanted with the exact bus I wanted to take. I took a stroll at Surfers, ate some lunch, walked down the beach and just enjoyd myself in the sun. A really enjoyable day on my own.

Im back at the house and Jesper succested I should go work at Hayman island resort. There calling all over and trying to find out if there is vacancies over there. Its a long way up north so if I end up there, my plans of working in Sydney will be totally trashed!! Oh well, what the heck, You only live once, right?

Cheers, Jani


20th April 2007

Hayman island resort
Jani, GO THERE! it was my dream to visit there, but I didn't have a change... it looks so great place to be although I have heard some bad things about handling employees, but hey... I think it's all about the attitude :D Can't believe you're even thinking not going... forget the Sydney.. it's just one big city as all the others in the world, but hayman island is something else :D Have fun and keep up exploring! This is fun to read! :D
20th April 2007

Jani, let me know if you get a job at the Hsyman Island Resort. I will start saving money now so I can come have lunch there :~) Luv, RA and the boys

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